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As I don't want to unfairly represent the game, I should note that a number of bugs have been fixed since my previous posts.

These include the missing balloon near where you are reminded about the pea gun, the balloon shadow without a balloon, the out of bounds glitch by said shadow, and walking on the rocks making up the face. Furthermore, the reeds with sprites in them now wiggle with a different animation, so they can be indentified with sight alone.

I should also note that Hyperbeamart has also followed up and fixed bug reports on chapters one and three, for which I am very thankful for.

Nevermind, found a couple more bugs. Near the shadow of the balloon, hold down-left by the tree to  walk up the rocks and out of bounds. You are still limited by the terrain steepness, and it can be hard to see where you are vertically as you don't cast shadows onto the rocks, a bug in of itself. I don't think it is possible to get past the wall by the waterfall, although placing a movable stone near the left tree, and climbing up the tree onto it looks close.

Finally, picking up a stone at a different y elevation to normal (easily achieved with the out of bounds glitch above) has the stone hover in the air at that height relative to you. You can also pick the stone up facing away from it, and it will follow you behind it. Placing the stone down leaves it hovering in the air.

These bugs were also gound in the web build.

I've noticed a couple of issues in the Web Build. Most important one is that you can get stuck, by going in between the three rocks at Central Beach. You can faint out of that spot, and it is somewhat finicky to get in there, but I don't think you are meant to be trapped.

Also, there is a shadow of a balloon by the first sigil that tells you about whether you've found all the sprites in an area, with no visible baloon, and there is no balloon near where the girl who talks about the pea shooter is to hit, despite there being a stone circle and a gap in the wall.

Because there doesn't seem to be any audio in the wqeb build, some sprites, mainly those in the reeds, reqiure guesswork to find. This is also an accessibility issue for hard of hearing players. Finally, you can walk on top of the rocks that make the face, which i think is unintended as most rocks can't be walked up.

Other than that, good work.

Great work. Especially helpful to see where you've interacted with the sprites, although the highlighted stone circles don't have this feature, so if you highlight it and forget to interact with it, you might not know to search there later.

There is also some minor render distance issues, as a tree clips into and out of view at the top of the fence blocking you from the chapter two area. The choice to restrict you to only one projectile at a time is welcome, although I did enjoy creating piles of them and trying (and failing) to skip over the fence in the last update.  Maybe the baloons should float up out of reach and back down instead of sinking into the ground,  but the camera might make it a bit too hard to time the shots that way.

You didn't prevent the ball moving in certain angles. This resulted in a match with the ball moving nearly vertically, bouncing up and down at eventually rediculous speed while slowly moving left and right, and by the time it reached my side, it was too fast to hit. Another match had almost no vertical movement, making for a very slow and boring match. Once that issue is sorted out, I think that will be it for the "bugs".  

If you talk to Vixy for a third time after finding the shroomlets, the game breaks, with the textbox and image staying on the screen while allowing the player to walk about. It might be an idea to also allow players to view the scenes they have unlocked, in case they accidentally skip them.

Other than that, great job.