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Griffin G. Salazar

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Iron Guard is a bite-sized steampunk pixel art tower defense game. The demo is officially out now, and the full game will be released on Nov. 4th. Until then join the Discord to give feedback and discuss the game! (Invite found on game page)

Find it here:

I've created a steampunk-ish fantasy tabletop RPG that has a greater focus on technology, player freedom, and story-telling than D&D 5e! Choose from more than 30 backgrounds, 13 races, and 8 classes (with one more on the way) to create a truly unique and memorable character! The entire Core Rulebook is available for free now and will be updated biweekly on Fridays, with cover art, a prettier character sheet, and the Bestiary all coming soon!

Duly noted, and thank you for the feedback! I'll look into making these changes when I have the time, which may not be for a few weeks since the final projects for my classes are just getting started. Thank you again!