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That did the trick, thanks!

I just installed Alpha 28 on my PC and it really doesn't seem to work. When I press "Dungeons" I get a text saying "some noise about the dungeon". The cursor doesn't move at all. Similar with "Puzzles" and "Settings".

Any ideas?

This has already won the jam, regardless if the deadline has not been reached yet

What an amazing game, thank you @smestorp for creating it! After playing it for so many hours I still can't tell if I got the hang of it or if there's other things to discover (I'm guessing the latter).

Since I didn't like looking at the sad default icon for Windows on my desktop I created one for myself. You can download it from Enjoy!

Yes! Enyo with hex tiles! (and a bit more of course).

Thanks so much for making this, Enyo has been pretty much the only game I've been playing on Android for the past 4 years at least!

Very nice!

Hi there,

First of all, lovely game, I enjoyed it very much! Well done!

So, like the subject says: could we have the soundtrack in a downloadable format?

Again thanks for the game,



Nice game, great effort! It's good to see people picking up and exploring the space games like SSR brought to us.

If I'm allowed to nitpick on a couple of things it'd be the chunky pixel art (more detail would have helped a lot in reading the levels and their elements) and the grouping of the levels (having, for example, a block of 9 levels in which aliens are present or mirrors are present would have made the game design look more coherent).

In any case: very nice, thanks for this!

P.S. We got Jonathan Blow to try the game out on stream and we had a small discussion about it, so check it out: if you're interested.