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Nice game, great effort! It's good to see people picking up and exploring the space games like SSR brought to us.

If I'm allowed to nitpick on a couple of things it'd be the chunky pixel art (more detail would have helped a lot in reading the levels and their elements) and the grouping of the levels (having, for example, a block of 9 levels in which aliens are present or mirrors are present would have made the game design look more coherent).

In any case: very nice, thanks for this!

P.S. We got Jonathan Blow to try the game out on stream and we had a small discussion about it, so check it out: if you're interested.

Oh my goodness. Really appreciate the comment and the twitch stream link. (Thank you for recommending it to Jonathan!) We enjoyed watching and learning a lot from it. 

Totally get the pixel art complaint. It was decision made to keep the game possible to make (due to my non existent art skills).

It has been a real honor to see people play the game and see how we could have improved it to have more consistent level groupings rather than "some art & difficulty".

Really helpful discussions and such useful criticisms. Will be keeping it in mind for our next game ^.^