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Hello, may I inquire as to which operating system (Windows, Linux, macOS) you are experiencing the issue of the mouse cursor disappearing?

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It looks like you have a technical issue. Minimum requirements: Windows 7 64-bit and a graphics card that supports OpenGL ES 3.0.

Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that this song was created by "Cool Cat Game Studio" and you can find it right here:

I have uploaded four fonts on, but this specific font is not among them.

Here is the 8x8 grid font:

Cool little game!

which format did use .ttf .otf ?

The Italic and Bold styles will probably be added in October if I have some free time.

Thanks for the feedback!

YES. Font is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1.

There is a new update 0.5.5.

Thanks for feedback!. There is a new update 0.5.5.

oke, I added!

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A typeface created with Adobe Illustrator and font files with FontForge.

At these sizes 5px 10px 20px 40px (multiples of 5px) there is no anti-aliasing.

This is a filler text font designed for mockups.

You do not need to give credit to me, although I will appreciate it very much if you do.

Thanks for feedback. I planned to make some improvements to the car handling in future updates!

Thanks for the video and feedback!

Thank you for the video!

Now only Katakana has support. Hiragana support coming soon. Latest version 0.9.

I planned to make support for Devanagari, but for different font!

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Yes conditions: License and copyright notice.

Font Software as defined in the license, and you are therefore required to include the copyright notice and license statement somewhere in your documentation.

Full License:
SIL OpenFont License explained:

it depends what you use it for.

Thanks for the Feedback!

Thanks for reporting the error.
This is not a Open-Source project.

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Yes, it is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1.

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Cut out from photos is fastest way. I draw the texture pixel by pixel, some textures take about 3-8 hours. Here is an example of a process:

A credit is nice but not necessary.

With my broken English, it's too hard to explain in text format.

v0.8 supports Spanish language.

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Thanks for the iota, now I need to fix a few more fonts.
The text is a Greek pangram 146:

Thanks for feedback!. Perhaps in the next update I will increase the turn rate by 5-10% faster.

Yes, a 1970-inspired arcade and Atari games. Steeplechase (1975), Dragster (1980).

Yes Godot 3 and yes 3D scene (Spatial)

of course there is an end

yes, it is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1.

yes, it is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1.

Thank you! I forgot to add value "1" to the ace card.