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Xavier Burrow

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Don't be ashamed! It's my first game and some of the puzzles are a bit obscure -- plus given the short length of the game there's not enough time to introduce puzzle mechanics slowly. I'm just happy people are playing the game :)

When you click a square, the blinking lights indicate how many squares (NSEW) until the next correct square. Here's the solution:

Hey Jared, thanks glad you like it! For that particular puzzle my hint would be.. count the flashes.

Hi @ClaireIsBored! Yes, in hindsight that puzzle is a little obscure (my first game -- forgive!). As a hint I would say: examine the behaviour of the cursor on the screens. Thanks for playing :)

Who is "Neutral"? I would like to play more games like this

Another beautifully-crafted adventure. The care and attention-to-detail is evident in every nook and cranny. The puzzles build upon one another, creating motifs which run through the whole game. It feels like I'm exploring an intricate tapestry!

Thanks! :)

Thanks for the feedback -- I will definitely take note of this and try to add FOV and mouse options in future projects

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Laputa: Riddles In The Sky is an atmospheric puzzle game set in amongst the clouds. Solve your way to the top! The game is a short (~1 hour) piece I created with the intention of getting a feel for the environmental puzzle genre. I also wanted to go through the experience of publishing a game online. Feedback will be much appreciated. Enjoy! (free, play in browser)

Thank you! I am treating this as a prototype with the idea being to make a full-length (10-15+ hours) game in the future

Glad you enjoyed it!