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Thank you for playing it! And thank you for the feedback on playing through again. I'll go add a way to speed up the boat and re-upload a new version :)

Thank you and don't worry, I didn't view it as harsh :). I could tell you saw potential and all the feedback was absolutely spot on. I will absolutely take all of the lessons and apply them to my next projects.

Thank you for writing the review! I really appreciate it. It had a lot of insightful feedback that I got value from.

This is my 5th game on itch, but first post. I want to be part of the community. I made this game to help me make sense of a tough time in my life. It combines 2 opposites : idle clicker + action adventure.

 Thank you for reading my post. I've decided to publish on itch only because I like the platform.

Here's the game:

Thank you! I watched your video and really enjoy it. I followed the channel too so I can check out more of your content. Thank you for playing!

Space Cat is a 3D rail shooter. It's free. No DLC, micros-transactions or anything else. I made it because I like this kind of game and there other people weren't making them anymore.

Play through a short (< 10 min) single player story. It works best with a controller, but can be played with mouse + keyboard as well.

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