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Right click to clear any selected inventory item.

Super fun game guys! Played all 5 levels and “got it” after the first. Very fun to set up some guard points by items or an exit then go hunting for the thief with another guard or two.

Good sounds, mood, art, everything. Might be something here if you wanted to extend it, add some more mechanics (not sure what off hand) and plop it on Steam for $5 and 100 levels or something? You never know? Even as it is it’s pretty fun to just get through levels and advance.

Sorry to hear that. Is this on Linux? If so I can’t help much as I have no experience with Linux.

Ahh, makes sense. You just didn’t explore the other areas and got laser focused on the switches when the solution was elsewhere and you hadn’t discovered it yet. Thanks.

I get what you mean and I saw it when making it but it was hard to change much due to time. One thing I wanted to do vs my last game was reuse rooms more and make the player traverse back and forth. I think I achieved that, and more use of the rooms, but it might have been too simple and too much like easy fetch quests. So I get it. Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you for playing it.

Thanks for playing. I’m curious to learn how/where you got stuck on the turbine? It would help me design better in the future. I agree about tips. Any full version game I made would likely have a built-in hint system of some sort just to keep people from being frustrated.

Sorry that game didn’t land for you. Thanks for playing.

Not sure exactly where you are stuck. Did you try tight clicking on the tool bag to see if it had things inside it?

I was stuck on executing content most of the time and the puzzles could have used more depth and love but better to be too easy than too hard?

The Good Spot was just a flavor thing I added and possibly to act as a red herring for a couple minutes if people were stuck. Very last minute addition that I perhaps should have cut.

In retrospect adding more puzzle depth would have been faster and far easier than doing a lot of the art and content! Plus it was my first time with PowerQuest so that took some time learning. A commercial effort game would be vastly more puzzle-y for sure :)

Glad you liked what was there.

I’m glad you enjoyed it. I played the demo for The Captain long ago. Maybe I’ll look into the full game soon.

Haha thanks for playing and I’m glad you liked it!

Abd if you altering the resolution in the Options menu, you can likely fix the issue selecting a higher/wider resolution like 1920x1080. Something to try.

Sounds good. Out of curiosity what sort of screen are you playing on? The game will look fine (still pixels) even in HD (1920x1080) etc.

If you manually set the resolution in the Options menu, can you let me know which one? Would be helpful!

Thanks for playing and I’m happy you liked it.

Appreciate the head’s up on the video. Was enjoyable to watch him play it.

Thanks for playing it!

I’m sorry but I don’t know anything about Linux. You can maybe google “How to run Unity games on Linux Mint”. The game is made in Unity. I think I recall people mentioning in the past they had to change some permission flag or something in some case on some versions of Linux. I bet Google helps you.

I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for playing.

I’m near 100% sure this is it. Dang. In that one room if you are on an aspect ratio of 5:4, 3:2 or 4:3, then the exit will be off screen and you can’t click it! I think all the other rooms are fine.

I have some errands to run but will fix this, this evening and upload a new version.

What sort of screen (resolution) are you playing on? Might well be that it’s not 16:9 and the letterboxing failed and you just can’t see (move the mouse) to where the exit hotspot is.

Which version? You can press F1 and see (it’s on the last screen). If there’s no F1 help screen then it’s v1.0 and maybe a bug.

Might be a bug even in later versions? Can you give me any more info as to what you did, maybe? I’ll try to see if I can reproduce it. Did you properly get past the sand cat on the previous screen? ie: go through the few steps to run it off?

Great game! I really liked the music, setting, puzzles like the password and the power panel, and switching characters to pass things around. Very well done.

Thanks for the video. I watched it and really enjoyed it. Couple of the rough edges were due to the 2 week timeframe. I’m a big fan of not hitting people in the face with what to do next and let them do some reasonable exploration. Tough balance! ;) Glad you enjoyed it.

Definitely two distinct parts and planned that way but I wish I’d had more time to iterate and inject some puzzles/items/more stuff in the back half. But as it is I think it plays out as a fairly interesting and not too long, interactive story. Thanks for playing! I’m trying to rate all the games that comment here as well.

Yeah the game feels like two things. First half is sort of a traditional PnC game and the back half ended up basically being a visual novel. I was sort of stuck as I’d sent the voice lines off so I couldn’t work in a lot of interactivity, even if I’d had time for it. For a ‘real’ game though, I’d totally have had the second half be more dense with things to do and some deeper/puzzel-y dialogue puzzles.

Thanks for playing it and the comments. The Dig vibes some up a lot and that’s likely a mixture of me being a huge fan of the game as well as people yearning for a good sci fi point and clock again (there are basically not every many especially with an old school art style?). I re-read Monkey’s Paw last year and it stuck with me. I remember seeing various adaptations on tv as a kid and they always stuck with me, so I figured it might be a good backdrop for a game.

Thanks! Glad you played and liked it. Your submission looks great. Look forward to playing it.

As they say…always leave them wanting more! ;) I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for playing.

I’m really glad you enjoyed it. Being a lifelong Twilight Zone fan, writing the intro/outro made me smile to myself.

This game was awesome! I loved it. The music/mood was perfect. The puzzles were great (won’t spoil them here). I got stuck 3x and the game took me about 35m to complete. The writing ad story was great. The art was good. I liked Luna a lot. The voice acting was very well done and lifted the game a lot. I’m glad you added it.

Very very well done effort and enjoyable game.

Thanks for the kind works and glad you liked it. You guys made Last Christmas, right? I remember liking that and I look forward to playing your new game soon. The ending flows well enough, I think, that it’s ok being light. Leave em’ wanting more, right? Plus I was just out of time.

I think a lot of people don’t know the original story (younger, etc) so I sort of didn’t want to spoil it for those that did. I do credit the author in the credits. I also wish there was more puzzle depth but it’s also a jam game and I was short on time and people are usually short on time to play/rate.

Yes, my only regret is that I wanted 3x the puzzles in there. Pad out the front more and with more options and add a couple in the back half. But I was so busy just executing what was there the last half turned into sort of an interactive visual novel. That was interesting for me to try.

Thanks for playing. Will return the favor on your game soon.

I’m sleeping now ;) Thanks for playing and glad you liked it. Will return the rating as soon as I can on your game.

Thanks for playing. I look forward to playing your game as well.

Thanks for playing and mostly fair comments. Some things (like the bag) I left in knowing it would trip some people up. I guess I’m leaning on older PnC games where it was common to right click on everything just to see what it was. Especially a container. But I understand the issue and sorry you got bitten by it. I’d smooth it out or alter it for a commercial/non-jam release. Just not enough (well, no) time to playtest or see others playtest during the jam.

On the pw, yes to that one too. Voice had gone out so I didn’t really want to put in extra lines that were non voiced. I suppose I could have added “No reason to carry it right now” or something. Well noted.

I slept and patched a couple times ;)

I’m glad you enjoyed it and appreciate the kind words. I’m working through playing the games of people that comment/rate here, so it’ll be a few days but I’m rating and playing!

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it. I saw your comment on the jam page too. Trying to get to the games that commented/rated there, so I will before it’s over!

Great entry. I really enjoyed the western vibe. BG/title are is awesome. I liked all the gameplay sequences and things you did. They all fit the setting and character. I liked the dual ending option. Wasn’t sure if I missed some things or if there are alternate ways to get past things. (Red scarf and bone went unused).

Well done.

p.s. had one soft lock. When the choice came up to hide/wait upstairs I had no mouse cursor, but I just quit and restarted and the autosave saved me and I was able to finish. Just FYI.