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George Broussard

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This is my favorite game that you've done. I love the Twilight Zone vibe, of course. I LOL'd at the exterior airplane shots with the wires holding it up (great callback to 50s special effects). Really well done. Please make more. Lots more.

I meant to play this sooner, but I really enjoyed it! Great mood and atmosphere and I liked the ending and story. Very well done.

Love the art, sounds and general feel of the gameplay. Saved 39/40. Level 4 is pretty frantic but doable in a few tries as you get more efficient. Could see a similar take on building Frankenstein's monster for a future jam idea :)

Hey Ben! Thanks.  Not a fan of the bee, but I liked the other two. Just really short on time.  Thanks a lot for playing. 

Farming is hard work :) Probably should have added a shotgun.

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This was a fun experience. Great background, mood setting music. Great Metroid-style exploration of the area. Interesting behind the scenes stuff with the Guide.  Took me a solid 30-45m to complete it.