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George Broussard

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Dave & Jacob & Crew,

Very weird, very colorful. Enjoyed it.

Dave and the SeaDads….this game is awesome. Should win LD46 and makes me feel bad about my entry ;) This was a ton of fun. I can’t see how there isn’t a sellable product on Steam here with like 100 levels. The puzzle design was awesome. Loved the art and music too. Great effort as always.

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A primitive man seeks flame in an unforgiving world. Find the flame, then protect it and get it back home. Water and rain will damage the flame.

Created last weekend for Ludum Dare 46. Appreciate any feedback or commetns. Enjoy!

Great game. Loved the music and atmosphere. Took me a bit to realize you had to break through the yellow eye walls. Fun to run around, get larger, and dodge things, then come back to eat them all later as you grow. Great polish and execution, guys. You could make this longer with more stuff to do any maybe sell it.

Thanks for the feedback and for playing it.

Thanks Ben! Much appreciated. I’m not sure how to extend it, but I really like the prehistoric theme and would go for a serious tone to it all.

I’m glad you liked it. Thanks for playing!

"The Bad of the Cross". Ok then. Sounds like an Eastwood spaghetti western. I'm all in.

Thanks for playing and commenting! That little dude took me longer than I care to shape and animate. I picked 8x8 pixel sprites just due to them being faster to make than larger ones. Was happy with the style

Thanks. It's amazing what a couple of well placed sound effects can do for mood and atmosphere.

This is my favorite game that you've done. I love the Twilight Zone vibe, of course. I LOL'd at the exterior airplane shots with the wires holding it up (great callback to 50s special effects). Really well done. Please make more. Lots more.

I meant to play this sooner, but I really enjoyed it! Great mood and atmosphere and I liked the ending and story. Very well done.

Love the art, sounds and general feel of the gameplay. Saved 39/40. Level 4 is pretty frantic but doable in a few tries as you get more efficient. Could see a similar take on building Frankenstein's monster for a future jam idea :)

Hey Ben! Thanks.  Not a fan of the bee, but I liked the other two. Just really short on time.  Thanks a lot for playing. 

Farming is hard work :) Probably should have added a shotgun.

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This was a fun experience. Great background, mood setting music. Great Metroid-style exploration of the area. Interesting behind the scenes stuff with the Guide.  Took me a solid 30-45m to complete it.