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D.K. Miller

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Thank you for supporting!  It was a game born from my heart and I am very proud how it came about and that others enjoy it.

thank you so much! This fills me with joy.

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i would love to submit my game

This has been such a fun Jam and so many wonderful games. The Bundle for the Charity is being built now and is ready to go, so if you haven't received a message from Jess or Meghan, check your dashboard to approve the game if you want to be included in the charity bundle.  Thanks again everyone who took part, i can't wait to be able to play these games.

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there is nothing bad about that

Hey there Gay Jam Jammers! I just thought it would be nice to have a place to toss support or ideas or whatever we may want here.  Our wonderful Jam hosts have tons of experience in game making and we are all here to encourage each other and fight against the gate keepers. So lets get to Jamming!!

This is a wonderfully flexible game that can lead to very fun and endearing stories.  It is beautiful and simple in its design and look, yet deviously deep depending on your prompts.