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Geoff Alday

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Thanks! Was fun to make it over the weekend.

I love this so much!


Thanks! I enjoyed making it. Eerie was one of the goals.

Thanks! Was fun to make and there are likely more than a few ways that short story could be interpreted.


Send help. I'm still stuck in the maze. Great job!

Enjoyed this one. You definitely made me feel cold. Can't wait to see your next game!

I really like the mood you established for this game. It was highly enjoyable to experience. Can't wait to see what you create next!

Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. This was fun to make.

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What video card is in your computer? I wish I had time to add some graphic settings so maybe it wouldn't be so laggy for you. I had a few people play it before publishing and they didn't report similar issues. Sorry!

What a fun game to play! I really enjoyed the overall story and scenery. Keep making games. Can't wait for the next one!

Thanks! I appreciate the thorough critique. There are definitely a lot of places you could take a concept like this. Especially darker places. I did though want to keep this fairly light hearted while trying out some subtle horror elements. Your feedback is very helpful.

Thanks for the feedback and the video. It’s very helpful.

Thank you.

Thanks I really appreciate it and thanks for the video. Hope all is well!

Thanks! I appreciate the thorough feedback. Hope all is well!

Thanks for the video and feedback! It is greatly appreciated. Very helpful.

Thank you! It’s funny how a cardboard cut out can be scary. Who knew? Thanks for providing feedback and for making the video.

Thanks! Glad you loved the posters. I had a lot of fun making those. There is a lot of source material to work with there.

I appreciate the feedback. It’s all been really helpful in understanding what works and what doesn’t. Thanks for taking the time to play it and for letting me know what you think!

Thanks! It’s fun watching people from different countries and backgrounds play this. I appreciate the video.

Thanks! Was definitely going for unsettling and subtle humor. Appreciate the thoughts and video.

Thank you. I will definitely check it out. I do think there is a lot more I could do here. I like that idea.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it as it is quite different.

Thanks! I’ll check it out. Appreciate you making the video and playing.

Hey thanks for giving it a shot. I appreciate the feedback.

Thanks for the feedback and video. I appreciate it!

Thanks for the video and congrats on the new job!

Thanks for the feedback and for playing. I’ve always been curious what qualifies as a cheap jump scare. I’ve heard some people say *every* jump scare is cheap. :) So I added a similar element but without the sounds and movement you typically see. It has gotten a lot of people. 

Thanks I appreciate the feedback.

Thanks for the video and for playing!

Thanks for the video and feedback. I agree the ending can feel a bit off. It is a strange place to work.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve noticed in a few of the videos low and choppy frame rates during that part. I’m curious what GPU and CPU you are using to play. Sorry about that. Glad you like the concept.

Thanks for playing! Appreciate the video and feedback.

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There isn’t any gore, blood, bad language, etc. It wasn’t meant to be very scary either. Consider it a simulation of interviewing at a weird company with a highly passive-aggressive employee.

It’s definitely not a place you want to work. Thanks for the video and feedback!

Thank you for the video and feedback. Hope all is well!

Thanks! I appreciate it.

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Thanks for the video and feedback. I appreciate it. I agree the ending is a bit odd. I tweaked the ending line a bit, in a recent version I uploaded, to make the story end in a marginally more logical way. There is definitely a lot more to do here. I wanted to get my first game concept out there. Quirks and all. I’m learning a ton from the process.