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Thank you so much for your review. I will definitely look into it.

so do i need to stream in any way. i mean is it necessary??

Sorry you had to play that awful contraption that i made. 

I used your assets in my game

Thank you

I used your assets in my game

Thank you

I used your assets in my game

I used your assets in my game

Great! It is hilarious, amusing and the crappy english makes it even better!

Thank you for your opinion! i am glad that you took the time to play my game.

Sorry for the inconvienience! I had to make a few changes to make your experience enjoyable.

yes. plz wait a bit.

Ok thanks for the advice

Newbie here! If my game is short will that be okay?

Thank you so much for your suggestions. I will keep that in mind. Have a wonderful day!

:3 <3

If you like my art 

Plz check out my deviant art

OMG Vin! Thank you so much! Thanks a lot! It means a lot to  me! I am literally tearing up right now!!!

:) thanks.

Is the 'reading a book about them' feeling good or bad?  

Also thanks for the advice i will keep that in mind.

fixed a bug in the game. You can play it now!!!

sorry for the inconvinience

Ok thanks

Thank you so much! It's my first time writing poems so i was pretty nervous.  Please feel free to give me tips on how to improve.

I am new. so i submitted my game/txt file so is that it? is there something else i need to do? please help me i don't know how a jam works.


it's okay. bye!


so nice! i love your poems and content!

i goose is so cute! I LOVE IT!!!!!!

very nice. keep it up

very nice. loved it.

beautiful. so sorry for your loss