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Hey if anyone could help me out by testing my prototype I would greatly appreciate it. I don't know if it's fun as a puzzle platformer or if I should scrap it. 

Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

This is the video showing how to beat the first puzzle

Got it will do that

I just got done making a playable prototype for the low effort 11 game jam, my only problem is I don't know if I should take it past the prototyping phase or just let it die.

ya I'm trying it on windows I found my problem I had to extract the jar

There we go, got it working and beat the first level, the end


Interesting concept, I got stuck in the matrix 

I got to the point of no return


I got to the point of no return.


Im gonna guess we followed the same movement tutorial 

I made it out of the maze?

Could not get to run


I got past the swirly bits but after that its just a wall, I couldn't find a way to get past the wall

Failed to load mono

20 is the best that I could get, sad day

I shot the thing but nothing happened, also if you die and restart you aren't able to move the bear anymore. Then if you quit the music still plays. 

Love it

The game does not work, the rar wont run. 

Well it took about 20 minutes but I got the van

I liked the game and its simplicity, just wish there was a wave counter or something.


Ok this is more fun then it should be lol.

I lost so quicky

I lost so quickly.

It had some really good jump scares! 

Had a lot of fun playing this game.

Me and my girlfriend really eenjoyed this game.

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I really enjoyed this game good job. My girlfriend is in love with serial killers (She slapped me for that)

Me and my girl friend live streamed it. 


I really liked the game, it took a second to get into it but when the jump scares started I really got into it. 

I really enjoyed this game 

I really enjoyed this game, while I was expecting something this was kinda on track but mostly not. You can see my reaction here --> 

I really enjoyed this game but sadly I am horrible with horror games even if it is very Blair witch style. 

Really enjoyed this, finding the house takes a while though. 

I played the game and over all I really liked it. Except for its really hard to find the house almost no direction.

I played it trying to get to the secret ending I almost got it.