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Ok, so I got about 8 minuets into the game and was like nope I'm out if you want to see me go out like a wuss here is my video -->  

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It will not run on mac. You can still play it through flash but downloading it on a mac doesn't work. The mac unzips the package and then when you try to run it the can says that the game has been damaged and can not be played.

Played the gam and let me say it was a nice experience. It was a nice little game to play through and didn't take too much take.


Overall I like the game and I can't wait for it to come out in a full release.

I liked the game.

Just played the game and overall I liked it. There are somethings that I would suggest like when your guys hits 0% have him die and you lose the sacrifice because you let him hit that. But overall it is a really good game. 

Just played this game and I will say that it was fun 

Just finished playing your game and man do I love the concept. Thank you for making it. 

Just played this game and man did I love it.

Played this game and oh man it was hilarious 

Just played the game and boy was it fun I had some ideas for the game but all of that is in the video. I recommend the game to anyone seeing this.

Just played this game and like almost all of it.


thank you

This game was a lot of fun to play I would recommend it to everyone. 

Dear Game Dev, 

You need to make it easier to find the shop, or the things that you want people to be doing. Like knowing where to go to buy the big sword.

Best Regards,


This game made me get into deep thinking as well as look at the game with a very open eye. Over all I enjoyed this game a lot. 

I enjoyed this game very very much. Thank you developer. 

I beat the game that you let me download. I am ready to stab someone. 

Played the game (Some what) 

I played your game. 

It turns out that I suck at video games. 

I beat your game. 

Puzzle Game Jam community · Created a new topic Extension?

Do people want more time on this?

The theme is time

I made it to 100. That ending how could you.

Are you working on any other games besides this?


The video.

I cant wait to make a video on this game