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It had some really good jump scares! 

Had a lot of fun playing this game.

Me and my girlfriend really eenjoyed this game.

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I really enjoyed this game good job. My girlfriend is in love with serial killers (She slapped me for that)

Me and my girl friend live streamed it. 


I really liked the game, it took a second to get into it but when the jump scares started I really got into it. 

I really enjoyed this game 

I really enjoyed this game, while I was expecting something this was kinda on track but mostly not. You can see my reaction here --> 

I really enjoyed this game but sadly I am horrible with horror games even if it is very Blair witch style. 

Really enjoyed this, finding the house takes a while though. 

I played the game and over all I really liked it. Except for its really hard to find the house almost no direction.

I played it trying to get to the secret ending I almost got it.

Ya if you need someone to do the voice acting for the male I would be happy to do it. I think that would be better than google voice text to talk

I liked it, 

I bought and played the game there is a lot I go over so if the creator sees this I think it can help the game a lot. If you enjoy this video make sure to subscribe. 

I had a lot of fun playing this game, the really creepy part of this game is at the end of the credits. So make sure to watch it all :) 

I played the game and had the exact reaction I think the maker wanted. Watch past the credits to see the best reaction.

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I really liked the concept of this game. If you watch the video please subscribe it really helps a lot.

My little gaming buddies help with a give away.

It is not yet available on chrome books

Gaming Buddy

You have to open another desktop goose application

My little gaming buddy 

My gaming buddy

Please comment on the video what you think I can do better.

I don't understand what you are asking 

If you watch the video Please Subscribe! It really helps, thank you.

Task manager

Go into your sound mixer and turn him down

I love my little gaming buddies.

I like the game it was a fun play. 

I played the game and liked the over all feel and had lots of fun. Thank you for the amazing game. 

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I love this game!

I love the world design but had some glitches and thoughts.

Holy crap I think I almost crapped myself. This was super fun and an amazing game good job. 

Made a video and had a lot of fun doing it. 

ya no problem

no problem

Played the game and had a good amount of fun with it. Thank you for the game. 

Ya sorry about that the video messed up during the upload I will have to re record it and try again.