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Hey, thx for comment. It's just prototype, I can transform it to 3d easily. Self-destruct was the hardest part xD Someday I will make game using codes from this project and others. This is just an idea that can be something big in the future. ;)

Thanks for comment. This game does not supposed to be fun, it supposed to be hard and almost impossible to complete if you don't read texts ;) I know this bugs ;) 

I didn't remove walk through the guard after testing.

Necklace thing was made by other member of my team, and i dont have time to fix all bugs ;) there was so much more xD

Endless money isn't realy a problem now ;) maybe in further version.

Yea icon one :/ our graphican was to busy to make it :/

I understand you pain, It was hard to me too when I was testing maps, sorry i didn't make that waiting version ;) I was trying to help my friend know better RPG MAKER so he make some map and I make others and combine everything together, sadly don't have enough time to make it better, we  started 2 weeks before the end.

Even bad comments are good ;) thx again for your opinion.