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10000 ways to destroy a city(IGMC2017)View game page »

Submitted by Genpaku Chino (@GenpakuChino), Too, Faelwen with 1 day, 7 hours before the deadline

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For your title this was... remarkably less fun that I thought it'd be. 

I tried not to take it too seriously, but even as a parody game I'm not really getting it. There's no instructions to start, so you're basically wandering around aimlessly trying to find something to do. I started to figure things out in the large city, and got as far as the ritual although I couldn't find a candle. The game really doesn't give much away. I spent 35 minutes and then realised I could be wandering around for the next 5 hours, so gave up. I'm sure there will be someone with the interest and patience to follow through and discover all the secrets to your story, but in a game like this I'd really recommend posting a walkthrough somewhere to save yourself and your players some hassle if they get stuck.

Found a few bugs;

You can walk through the guard in the first city.

The whole necklace thing had a few issues. After I first got the jewellery, the owner of the house appeared to be leaving it again. I went back inside, came out again to find him walking back to the house, although he never actually appears inside. He's just constantly on a loop walking back, so we can get trapped at that little entrance and have to wait for him to move past. Once I give the necklace back to the lady, she apparently walks down to the tavern, although I can immediately find her sat in her house.

In the global warming guys house I can get endless money, don't really know if that was supposed to happen.

The falafel doesn't have an icon which looks a bit strange.

To save time, you could really do with either speeding up the npcs walk, or having it on parallel or autonomous movement. There were a few times I just had to stand around and wait for someone to walk out of view which wasn't much fun.


Thanks for comment. This game does not supposed to be fun, it supposed to be hard and almost impossible to complete if you don't read texts ;) I know this bugs ;) 

I didn't remove walk through the guard after testing.

Necklace thing was made by other member of my team, and i dont have time to fix all bugs ;) there was so much more xD

Endless money isn't realy a problem now ;) maybe in further version.

Yea icon one :/ our graphican was to busy to make it :/

I understand you pain, It was hard to me too when I was testing maps, sorry i didn't make that waiting version ;) I was trying to help my friend know better RPG MAKER so he make some map and I make others and combine everything together, sadly don't have enough time to make it better, we  started 2 weeks before the end.

Even bad comments are good ;) thx again for your opinion.