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You have to be right in front of the hole, right click the hole to bring up your inventory tab, then click the shovel from there.

Quite possibly THE best way I've come across thus far for learning Japanese Kanji!  The story is engaging, and unlike the first game, the combat does not get in the way of the lessons - on the contrary, when combined with good note taking, I found that the lessons stuck with me when playing Kanji Combat, and there's more to do besides learning the Kanji as well!  More of my thoughts can be found here (segment starts at 8:49)

A short point-and-click where the pointing and clicking is not all that useful, but the story is decent and the puzzles are good.

A fun and interesting melding of elements from Sly Cooper and Captain Toad, Cat Burglar has you sneaking around some very vertical levels nabbing gems and keys while avoiding guard dogs.  It has a simple control scheme, along with just the right amount of challenge.  And to top it all off, you can learn about several pet-related charities as you play thanks to the developers, who are themselves a charity!

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A fairly decent dose of nostalgia for fans of the N64, Galaxy Ranger Luna, while not perfect, is not a bad little game for its suggested $5 price tag.

"An Review??  Why would you want to review an  I say if you have an, just it and be done with it!"


The Darkside Detective is a hilarious point-and-click adventure, or rather a collection of point-and-click adventures, as the game consists of several cases (7 at the time of this writing) involving some kind of paranormal activity, each of which can be finished in about an hour.  The interface is simple once you get used to it - it took me a couple of tries to realize you had to drag inventory items to use them.  On top of that, the pixel art is well done, and the writing is absolutely top notch!

For a glimpse of what the game is like, here's my Let's Play of the first case of the game, "Malice in Wonderland"!

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My mini-review on the game (starts at timecode 01:36)

An interesting mix of RPG and point-and-click adventure, with branching questlines, a decent aesthetic, and a practically useless in-game notepad! If there were a price tag attached, I'd probably buy it.

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From "Quick Time Event" Episode 1 - Platformers.  For more reviews and Let's Plays, please check out my YouTube channel, Gemini Does Games!