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A member registered Apr 01, 2016

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Recent community posts

  • Building out the metadata pipeline, much work to rearchitect the network layer of the codebase
  • starting to flesh out the API server / back-end system
  • Working on mission / power up / character & weapon metadata to prep for unlock system
  • Prototyping a potential syncronous multiplayer (coop) game mode!
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If you are interested in hearing more about PixelCommando's development, get early access to game test builds, alpha's and the like, sign up for the mailing list on our site: http://www.pixelcommando.com/

This is a VERY low frequency mailing list - and will NEVER be used for anything but informing people about updates from the Pixel Commando team (which currently is one person, me!). I loathe spam, and to be honest, don't have time to send out more than an infrequent update. I WOULD love to have a beta test list of people that would be interested in the game when it gets a bit further along.

If you think anything of what you have seen or heard about the game seems interesting or worth following along with, please sign up for the list and I'll make sure to let you know when I have something to show for my efforts.

Pixel Commando Mailing List


Thank you in advance,

Mike W - PixelCommando

Dev Blogs up on the Site

  • tons of work on game metadata (unlocks, missions & pickups oh my!)
  • reworked a bunch of code from an older project
  • working on the random / procedural environment system - adding the 'gameplay' elements into the spawn sequence (breakable crates / item spawners)
  • split the assets into assetbundles for easier management in the client
For more dev blogs, check out: http://www.pixelcommando.com