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This game was fun, some of the block placement was really fun to work around and the graphics were nice. As for criticism, I would say that the ball moves a little too fast, and you dont really have much time to react to it, maybe it would benefit from a larger gap between them. Great work and keep making games!

I really liked this one, the music was pleasant and the graphics were nice, I also liked the enemy designs. As for criticism I would say it is a little hard to see the bullets and react to them in time, as well as I got stuck on the sides occasionally. Great job and keep making games!

I loved the graphics and the sound design was great too, the shooting also feels really good. As for criticism, there isn't much of a goal in mind, and by sitting still and spamming buttons you can kill everything easily. Great Work and keep making games.

This one is great! I really liked the puzzles and the difficulty curve was nicely done (as well as the sounds). As for criticisms, I would say that some of the puzzle test the same lessons instead of innovating on them.  Great Work and keep making games!

I liked the look and feel of the game, the art was good. This game could be very fun.  As for criticism, the story was quite hard to follow, and the gameplay was a bit rudimentary. Great work and keep making games!

The presentation is really good, I loved the art (especially the intro) and the music was good too. As for criticism, I would say the I wish the changing of elements was mapped to another button as the mouse wheel is somewhat obtuse to use (at least for me). Also the gameplay turned out to be a bit monotonous after a while. Great work and keep making games!

WOW! The idea was spectacular, the music was good, the art was good, and the movement was fun. As for criticism, the combat was too difficult, relying on starting attacks before enemies were even close and constantly getting hit, I felt as though the player would have benefited from a quicker first attack or something of the like. The matching also seemed to disappear in relevance come combat. Great work with this one, and keep making games!

Hi Drunk I'm dad. The art was very goofy and fun, and the cancer was very accurate to real life. As for criticism, I could spam all the buttons and still block all the cancers, and I found the game to not be very satisfying (maybe add some sound effects/responses to the blocks). Great work and keep making games!

I really liked the atmosphere and the cat portraits are cool. As for the criticism, I wish there was a little bit more to it, and I also noticed a couple spelling errors (but i totally get that). Great job and keep making games!

I liked the interactive title screen, and the graphics weren't bad for a solo dev. As for the criticism, I felt as though the gameplay was not satisfying enough for such a simple game, I would recommend a little more feedback when responding to an action. Great work, and don't stop developing!

The game was a great idea, i liked the sound effects and the title screen was cool :). As for the criticism, I would say that the game had a little too much down time especially in the beginning and the mechanics were not intuitive enough to not warrant instructions. I liked the polish and the music was nice. Great work!