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I know im a bit clumsy when expressing myself in text, so please forgive me. You seem really cool and I will consider using your cards if my idea truly feels like dynamite. And thanks alot for responding, I didn't expect an answer because you know thats how internet works I guess. Creative Commons, got it. My team of 1000 Lawyers thanks you for your cooperation.

How can I be sure there will be no repercussions from using bought or free assets in my commercially sold game?

Im starting to think about using a playing card assets that came with a bundle I bought, but how can I be sure nobody will come after me, in this case, or in any other case, with a law suit, or someone claiming they need more money, or stuff like that. So how can I be sure that I am "safe" from lawsuits, other claims and such things?

never used assets before, but before I start I need reassurances that there will be no law suits or any complications down the line if I decide to use your cards. under what license or agreements or whatever thing can I be sure what the rules are here? Is itch responsible, or is it between us, or what? Simply a verbal agreement will not work for me.