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Hello! I'm really excited to try this out, but I can't successfully map either floor of my home. The areas I'm trying to map are not huge, but they are "open floor plans", and I suspect the tracking is getting thrown off somewhere during the mapping process, as the walls tend to shift way out of position in the middle of mapping, with no way to recover them.  I have tried mapping off smaller spaces without success.  :(

Along the same lines, the UNDO functionality does not work properly for REDOing the very first wall. I can undo subsequent walls, but if my first wall gets messed up, I have to kill the app and start over. This has been especially troublesome for me as I have had to restart several times while trying to map my playspace.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how I can get this working. I am a software developer myself, so I'm willing to dig into testing a bit, if that's helpful.


I'm not sure whether you can tell the physics engine to allow "overlaps". Your best bet might be to make your colliders just a little bit smaller than your sprites?

Unity's 2D physics engine has a gravity setting. The default value is set to `(0, -9.8)`. You'll want to change it to `(0,0)`.

More about that here:

I'm not sure if this is _exactly_ right, but you can  probably put something like this in one of your `start` functions :

Physics2D.gravity =;

I used Unity's physics engine for collision detection. Each of the tans/pieces has a polygon collider attached to it. When all of the vertices for the colliders of the pieces are inside the collider for the puzzle, I know that the pieces are all inside the puzzle, and the puzzle has been solved.

The pieces were drawn in a program for MacOS called AffinityDesigner. I use it to make vector graphics for most of my games.

The puzzle is drawn by the PolygonRenderer class. If you attach a PolygonRenderer to a gameobject that also has a PolygonCollider, the renderer will find the collider, and loop through the vertices on the collider to draw the shape. It uses the scripting interface for the Unity LineRenderer component to create the lines.

The shapes are gameObjects with physics bodies and colliders attached to them. I'm using the built-in 2D physics engine in Unity. The physics components are attached to the GameObjects in the Unity GUI, and then controlled by the Piece and PieceSet behaviors.

> Is there a video that you posted that I can check out on the process?

There are lots of pretty good tutorials available directly from Unity. I'd start with videos from their 2D Game Creation series.

> My other issue is that i have looked into the project but i dont really understand where the levels are being loaded.

The levels are saved as Unity "prefabs", in the Puzzles folder. The puzzles are all referenced by the TangramsSupervisor, and then added and removed from the game scene based on user actions.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

This is the one I'm using:

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Hi Rey! I'm Chris. I'm a serious programmer with seriously limited art skills. I mainly make free games for fun. I'm doing the #1GAM thing for 2016.

My most recent games are here on Itch, but for my next game I was hoping to make a multiplayer platformer. I have the engine built, and I'm using placeholder art to get things moving, but if you want to chat about working together on a small platformer, let me know! I'd love to have some original artwork for the project.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I use Unity, but I know what I'm doing with the 2D stuff. My games are tight, my code is crisp and neat, and I know how to leverage the editor so designers/artists can tweak without changing code. :)

Electron would be a pretty nice fit for this. Let me know if you want a hand getting started with it.

>Open gameplay, forever, until you die in real life.

LOL. This looks great.

Does the game have gamepad support? Specifically, do you know if it'd work with an Xbox One controller on OSX? I have the right drivers and stuff all set up for other games.

Nice little game. :)

Would it be a spoiler to tell people to press `e` when they find the glasses?

"Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker." - This is especially true around the holidays. Just sayin'.

Cool. Good luck with the game! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help test, or anything.

The game looks really fun, but it didn't quite work right with my Xbox One controllers on a mac. The player was always moving up, pressing down caused us to jump.

I would definitely try again once Xbox One controllers work! :)