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Sorry, meant to reply - yeah we got it (obviously)

Looking to review this for CRASH magazine. Are you able to sent a review copy?

This was fab mate, genuinely smiled all the way through. Clever and brilliant.

cool, yeah I got deafened by the bugger :D

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Still can't play this great on a 360 pad. It's just too sensitive, I can't move true horizontal or vertical very easily. 

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back to room 2c5 gain - randomly there is a sound file that loops permanently.  Also had odd times when starting the game and the music didn't play

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Permadeth happens in Room R2C5 due to baddie moving over respawn point

Thanks for releasing the demo of this.  The Sentinel was one of my most favourite games in the 8-bit era. Top stuff

A brilliant take on a simple platform game.  The screen zooms out like to fit the screens into the one play area the further you explore. Genius.

Hi there, what systems will HQ be released for on completion?