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It would be really cool if you had a 2D to 3D converter where people can draw points then extrude it. This would save you guys the time of having to model some of the stuff.

i will be following your developing carer and if you make another game making another video on it.

thank you very much

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also dude this was not my best work i promoted a few other games like this got 860 views

dude much sorry i had just switched computers and lost my video making software i will try again wants i recover.

dude I just want to say thank you cause not only does your game get promoted so does my channel

here is the promo sorry about the video quality tell me if its OK or not 

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great news its ready but i am going to add music do you have a specific tune in mind? but for now ill find something good and change later in necessary

of course

I did a video o this game check it out great game 

i did a video on the game 

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dud there has been a set back

the video ended up having a problem

but instead i will make a video with your permission promoting your game

please respond as soon as possible

also your game is very funny I enjoyed it very much

when your video is done ill post it on my channel gboyGMK

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it is made just need to edit also i didnt speak in it didnt want to ruin the story

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dude i will totally review your game and post it on YouTube. It will be done in the next few days.