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This game is absolutely inspired by the original Progress Knight. I really like the concept and wanted to add a multiplayer spin to it, so I created this game. The original Progress Knight is licensed in a way that allows anyone to make a copy, modify and redistribute it, so it’s all good on that front!

I added a link to my discord server in an html5 game, but clicking on it doesn't work. So I checked the source code, and this snippet seems to handle opening url to a browser window:

It fails if the protocol is not http or https, but upon logging the URL object u, I get this:

The protocol is https: and not http as it should be.

It also works properly if I edit the first code snipped to allow http: and https: instead of http and https.

Is it a bad config on my end or is there indeed a bug in's code?

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Hey, thanks for the kind words! I'm not sure why it's not working in the app, I'll be working on a fix, it will hopefully be ready today. 

As for organizing tabs, it opens alternatively on the right, then on the left. You also  can click on an already opened tab to turn it red, which will lock it, and all other tabs will now be opened on the other side.

edit: It might be a bug on's side, I posted a bug report, I'll keep you updated.

edit2: It looks like it's working now!