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Perhaps this is a mistake or oversight. But in the preview you have 4 magicians. Blue, Red, Green and a slightly different style of purple.

When I buy, I only get Blue and Red.

can u add card payment for this?


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can u add card-payment method? I just usually withdraw everything from PayPal to the card at once, so I don’t have money there. Game looks very tempting.

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I want this, but 120$ and html...

Can you add card payment? It's almost always a problem for me to use paypal which I don't have in the countries of residence I'm currently in.

Can you add card payment? It's almost always a problem for me to use paypal which I don't have in the countries of residence I'm currently in.

Need russian! I also have a question, will there be a storyline campaign in the future? Nice game!

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Im win Destroyer, just take my 3.50$ =) (I made you my second $ 1 donation today, great game)

I can make you 100 of these for $ 24,000)

Nice work.

It looks very intriguing and funny!

What engine is the game written on?

Yes! Definitely yes, it's a fun experience. $ 6 is like a cup of coffee at Starbucks. So I didn’t regret the $ 6 for this game at all.

This is very good news because it means that the console is getting "more serious", these games can now even be "sold".

How u export Pico-8 into .exe game?

Just give my dollar from russia!

I do not understand what is the difference between IV and EV.

Thanks, it works.

Okay, actually I'm just an executive hired programmer. I was hired to work with your job. She's amazing in many places.
I was able to figure out how to do so to sort out all the monsters and much more .However, how could I do a batch-wide evolution check? I tried two ways, but it didn't work.

How can I translate the prefix "amp"?  I have a poor command of English culture, so it may not be obvious to me)

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I fixed basic usage, but so far I have not been able to get the debug and editor to work, can I send you what I did so that you someday fix it?

while it works, for the most part it helped me to understand the editor scripts myself further

To be honest, I got your work in the bundle and I thought it was just very small sprites. But, you pleasantly surprised me with the editor scripts. Which I would most likely start writing myself sooner or later, but now I don't need it, thank you for that!

Im downloading gifs and lerning

Поиграл в этот шедерв пару секунд и сразу раскрылись все механики этой игры! (одна механика, она просто раскрылась сразу)

У человечков "расплющенных" один и тот же спрайт. Я вообще не понимаю, тут же блин всего 5-6 видов разных спрайтов человечков. Почему нельзя было сделать хотя бы разные сплющенные варианты. Конечно же потому что Женя не представляет себе того, как вообще делать какие-то наполненные контентом вещи.

Художник на самом деле оформил всё довольно не плохо и возможно, если не ошибаюсь твиин анимацию превращения программист сделал нормально. Однако... хорошо что эта игра не распространяется и не увидит свет большой аудитории никогда.

-9999 из 10000. Я ставлю этой игре чуть меньше максимально низкой оценке, потому что, ну это маленький алгоритм, который как бы работает, это как если школьник сел изучать программирование.

The version for the market does not have a ready version for gms2.

okay I bye on market-place...

Why not just make another payment method through a card like everyone else?

I've tried. Look, if you take it without a pay-pal account, the list does not contain my country. If I try to create an account, for now I only have a "residence permit", but no passport. Those. I just can’t buy your asset)

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by card... PAY WITH CARD

why only pay-pal method, I from russia and I can't pay this)) because my country not have pay pal

да игра офигенная, едиственное что там игра на этом джеме

Good ideas, but disgusting execution.
You forgot to make the salamander mortal ...
The bandit is unfinished, the crapper sometimes does not throw an object ... I have not watched the last one yet.

Хорошие идеи, но отвратительное исполнение.
Вы забыли сделать смертельной саламандру ...
Бандит незакончен, иногда бред не бросает объект ... Я еще не смотрел последний.

Thanks you! However, I will definitely buy it for money when I can afford it!

hello my asset will be sold, as I understand it, I can’t use your twin system as part of an asset or can I remove most of the code leaving only the piece I need so that it works?

lazyload community · Created a new topic AnimationImport
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Damn, well, I expected that there would be a function that does the frames itself, and not import me one sprite)

One Folder = One Animation) I want this option
But no problem, I write in my code draw_array_sprite)) (asset_get_index(name + string(generated_direction)))

So I made your program work for me, thanks anyway. But I would like more functions to avoid unnecessary iterations of arrays.