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There was no letter yet. I checked 4 days of letters)

Could you send the gms2 version by email? I will send you a proof of what I bought.

The version for the market does not have a ready version for gms2.

okay I bye on market-place...

Why not just make another payment method through a card like everyone else?

I've tried. Look, if you take it without a pay-pal account, the list does not contain my country. If I try to create an account, for now I only have a "residence permit", but no passport. Those. I just can’t buy your asset)

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by card... PAY WITH CARD

why only pay-pal method, I from russia and I can't pay this)) because my country not have pay pal

да игра офигенная, едиственное что там игра на этом джеме

Good ideas, but disgusting execution.
You forgot to make the salamander mortal ...
The bandit is unfinished, the crapper sometimes does not throw an object ... I have not watched the last one yet.

Хорошие идеи, но отвратительное исполнение.
Вы забыли сделать смертельной саламандру ...
Бандит незакончен, иногда бред не бросает объект ... Я еще не смотрел последний.

Thanks you! However, I will definitely buy it for money when I can afford it!

hello my asset will be sold, as I understand it, I can’t use your twin system as part of an asset or can I remove most of the code leaving only the piece I need so that it works?

lazyload community · Created a new topic AnimationImport
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Damn, well, I expected that there would be a function that does the frames itself, and not import me one sprite)

One Folder = One Animation) I want this option
But no problem, I write in my code draw_array_sprite)) (asset_get_index(name + string(generated_direction)))

So I made your program work for me, thanks anyway. But I would like more functions to avoid unnecessary iterations of arrays.