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Gavin Camlin

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I really enjoyed it! I'll leave my feed back on the LD page!

The main mechanic in this game was really cool! I think that there are some cool things you could do with it (maybe like an ability to pull them back to you and deal damage or something). The animations for the frog was great! The movement felt weird at times but it was only occasional. At times it seemed annoying to have time it right and go next to the monsters to get my bullets. Another thing that is really important when getting traffic to your games it having cover art. Even if it's just something small it helps a lot and can attract some attention. Also the ability to leave the game is really good too. Overall great game and great job!

The sounds were very cut and well done! The levels seemed a little bland but that's just me being nit picky. I also really liked the end!

Hey this is a game I worked on for the last global game jam, this is my second jam and my first time using the Unity engine. If anyone has any constructive criticism I'd happily hear it! I only want to improve so be as brutally honest as possible! The game is about transmitting yourself into humans phones and destroying all human!!!