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i cried so hard but the ost is sooooo amazing

Im going to die 

Does this update fix the issue where when I tab out my mouse gets fucked up and I have to move it 2 inches to the left of whatever I'm trying to select

hi Jeremy, I fixed my original issue by changing the code to match my file type. They load very slowly because of what you mentioned in this comment just now. Now the only issue is that the script doesn't work for me on Google chrome currently; it also doesn't work with AdBlock extensions sometimes. You can view the project at https:/)

hello ^^ I once edited the code to input my own resolution for images; but i forgot how to do it x_x I'm using the reader to have an online version of my highschool sketchbook; so I have 146 images (counting front, inner, and back) and I've made the 8th template look like this;

case 8:         card_amount = 143;         textures = getTextures(146);         break; }

However it still hasn't let me see the final product. I remember last time; I had to set the image resolution myself, however that doesn't seem to be the case this time.

it could be due to memory restriction, but i'm unsure

if you mean on OBS just make the capture bigger, if you mean in the program you'll have to export your avatar at a bigger size

if you understand how to make linux work on Chrome OS, it might work there, i would have no idea how to do that myself, but if you manage to get it to work feel free to update

hi, just out of curiosity, did you get the idea for this from It's honestly kind of sad this is getting more attention than veaodtube mini considering that program was made far longer ago

anything above 500x500 pixels would work, as an artist I have to recommend 1000x1000, as long as it's a square it should work fine

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make sure you're using the "game capture" method and allowing transparency


This looks so cool!!