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thanks sago <3

thanks bro

thanks man!!


thanks macho


Thanks sago!


Thanks sago

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Thank youuu

telegramm :

instagram @gatheesha22

Thanks machannn <3

thats the end haha. we should have add a way to restart game once its completed.

Wow really nice game, loved the art and music and how everything fits together! Really Good Job Man!

i really like it, swinging that dragger around feels soo satisfying and i really like the handrawn style animation of the enmies, id like it more if everything rope, hand, dragger were done in that same handrawn style, pretty cool and well polished game overall.

Yeah screenshot went bit off :, thank you for your valuable feedback, best of luck!

Thanks for the great feedback man, will help us a lot make our next game more awesome

I made them in after effects, the frame rate is quite hight for a game (30) thats why they look smooth. Art style and animations are inspired by Altos adventures and Nights In The Woods.

anddd thanks for the feedback man!

sound lacks but i liked the game a lot, good job!

this is just amazing!!

nice and simple, i like it

really enjoyed, pretty nice game overall. Nice animations, effects and lightining.

pretty cool man, looks simple and neat with all the lights and pixelart, very nice game overall

thanksssss ;)

Thanks for the feedback man, means a lot

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Wow the idea is so cool! controls felt bit off at first but got used to it. pretty good game overall!

eventhough it dosn't support the theme well, its pretty fun, good job!

nice try. i like the water shader :)

Clever design, Love it!


I made a Toothbrush Tree, Cool game btw add more stuff so we can make more colorful trees


If you guys found any bugs, Let me know them in the comments, I'll try my best to fix them😁


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Tanks!! everyone, I mean thanks for downloading 😉

any way congrats

please Don't COPY me please



@Amindu Why not "Sauro Animations"??

And Thanks a LOT