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I forgot what scene it was, but ik maya can show up as a little jumpscare at one point in the game

Well, only if you want to. This game and OL are completely different. The only reason why the other characters are in the game is because they're just there as a cameo.

I dont think I can properly say how much i genuinly love this game!! From the writting, to the art, to the gui itself, the game was amazing! This was the first time where I related to a character so much, i felt what they did on a personal level. Teal and Phoenix's characters really spoke to me b/c somehow I managed to be the same way as both of them. Where I don't feel good enough in my art and try to figure things out on my own, to where I work too much for something and in the end wonder if I wasted my time. I'm not gonna lie, I really almost cried and some points because of the genuine sound advice that was said in the game. Even though its just a game, I really did appreciate the things that were said and I really want to apply the advice Joyce & Teal said on to my own life. :)