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I'll definitely try to win this jam! I want to be on that wall of fame as the winner of number 46!

Come on you are kidding right? Have you even read this jam's description? 

This week:

  1. Use Godot Engine; <----- This one here
  2. EMake a game about animals;
  3. Use memes as artwork for the game;
  4. Make turn-based mechanics;
  5. Add an Easter egg (known movie or a game).
  6. Share the source code of your project.
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If you made this jam so that every game engine is allowed, a lot more people would join. I'd love to join this jam but my engine is not allowed

This game is submitted to 7 different game jams?

I entered the code to the elevator and walked backwarts, I guess the wall glitched because I walked right trough it. I'm sure it's just a little glitch that doesn't happen often, but I hope you'll be able to fix it!

I fell off the elevator and this keeps happening to me. Am I doing something wrong?

Seems like a great asset pack! Might use it in the future too! Btw keep up this great work this is fantastic

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this is really a coincidence but I was watching videos from youtube and I saw a video you copy-pasted your main character from... :D

Godot Engine 3 - Scriptable Objects? P1

Watch the thumbnail of the video, the third character from left is the exact same as the one used in this game when interacting with objects

What was the torch for? cleared the game without using it once...

Still liked the game, amazing job!

We already started, sorry!

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I live in the Netherlands, so the time shouldn't be a problem :)    We can talk further in the server

It would be great to work together! That art looks awesome! I use Game Maker as my game engine. Do you have discord? That's way easier to communicate 

I'm very good at coding and making games, but in game jams as this one, you can't just use game art from the internet. At least, I want to have a game with self made art. There's just one point... I suck at that! Just wondering if there's anyone here who would like to cooperate with me and is good in making game art.

Where did you learn to make such great pixel-art?

That would be really helpful! Thanks!

Hi Superdark,

Can you make it so that the characters actually move, I'm not exactly an art-expert so I have no idea how to make it that way. But just this plane sprite isn't going to help me in my game

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I couldn't find it anywhere in the Overview, so I'll have to ask it this way; are you going to announce a theme at the beginning of the jam or is the theme graphical adventure game?