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it's can be tricky but it should be easier than some of the levels in the 40s. certainly easier than level 50.

what a sweet review -- thanks omega! that's very flattering.

not sure if you were able to figure out the end. i can give you a few hints. they'll get more explicit each bullet point down.

  • gurer'f n pbeare-pnfr zrpunavp va gur tnzr gung unfa'g orra "hfrq" hagvy guvf cbvag (nygubhtu v'q or fbeg bs fhecevfrq vs lbh unira'g frra vg). lbh arrq vg va guvf yriry.
  • gur zrpunavp vaibyirf gjb gryrcbegref.
  • gur tubfg jnagf gb rfpncr guvf jbeyq.

if you're still stuck, here is the explicit instruction on the goal of the level (but not the steps to solve it):

  • lbh zhfg chfu gjb pbaarpgrq gryrcbegref gbtrgure arne gur tenir. guvf jvyy pnhfr gurz gb rkcybqr naq qrfgebl gur tenir.

there's a sneaky trick to this one, haha. you're close!

let's say your third bullet is wrong and see if that's enough of a hint. if not, lmk

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I love this! Really elegant and simple mechanics, but I'm still finding nuances and ways to get better!


Thanks for playing!

cute! fun!

no, thank you!!

very slick! cool game :)

There is only a web version of this game -- I don't officially support Android.

glad you enjoyed it! :)

thanks for the feedback! i'm very proud of this game!

hi bobo i have not gotten very far yet but i can already tell you did a very good job on this game. i will update you when i know more. thanks for your time.

nice! great job! afaik not very many people have gotten all the reds.

oh, you've done all the other ones? you can do it! i don't even think it's the hardest red. just do a few practice runs and figure out a good strategy for each section.

it's not necessarily all fake paths -- it's more identifying what the player will likely do and trying to force them to use the mechanic in a way that's surprising. i like to write down all the corner cases i find while i'm testing the game and then try to build puzzles around those cases.

iteration is also very important for puzzle design. i test a lot and try to improve puzzles i'm not happy with, and cut out ones that will never work.

for the 1,1 coin door, it is impossible to get normally (you can't jump the spikes). you have to use another of your abilities. :)

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yeah the reds are for sickos only lol

oh yeah, definitely a tricky one. making good progress if you're down there!

Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it :)

wow, very nice! even those yellows can be pretty tricky!

it's ok just think of them as abstract symbols and figure out addition solely by experimentation.

these were fun! thanks :)

simple and clever game!

Very nice! Deducing that can be very difficult. You have to challenge your assumptions one-by-one.

Yes, I can confirm that all the levels in the game are possible!

If you want a hint, let me know what you've figured out so far.

very nice. that's a tricky one!

neat! second act was by far the most brutal -- flappy bird + difficult controls is quite the combo, lol.

looks great, plays well -- cute idea!

Getting into tough levels there. Hard to hint without knowing what you've already figured out. Reveal them in order until you get an idea. I've kept the hints kind of high-level:


Hints for 35:

  • Jung vf gur fgehpgher bs guvf yriry? Ubj jbhyq lbh oernx gung fgehpgher?
  • Gurer ner gjb yriryf ba gbc bs rnpu bgure, ohg lbh pna bayl npprff unys bs gur nernf jvgu gur fgnegvat ynlbhg.
  • Lbh zhfg oernx gur cnevgl bs gur plpyr gb npprff arj nernf.
  • Gurer ner gjb jnlf gb trg gb na nern vs gurl nera’g oybpxrq: pybpxjvfr naq pbhagre-pybpxjvfr.

Hints for 36:

  • Jung pna lbh qb gb n cbegny gb znxr vg zber hfrshy ba guvf yriry?
  • Vs lbh whfg unq 2 fbyvq oybpxf lbh orng gur yriry.
  • Jung vf gur checbfr bs gur cbegny ba gur vfynaq? Ubj pbhyq lbh rire znxr vg hfrshy?

Hey minidavid -- glad you enjoyed the game.

As for your question -- TIC-80 does not provide much structure as an "engine" so there is no "correct" way to implement undo. It very much depends on how you've implemented it in your game.

As a guess, perhaps you're undoing on button hold rather than button press so that it's triggering multiple times very fast?

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Hey I tried to hide your response but I accidentally deleted both your posts (I think because one was a parent of the other).

Try not to post direct solutions or hints within the comments. The rot13 is so that people can optionally interact with the hints. Some folks want to solve levels without hints and I don't want them to be scared to read the comments.


Sure, reveal the hints in order until it gives you enough direction to continue.

Hints for level 33:

  • Vf gurer n jnl lbh pbhyq gnxr zber 5f jvgu lbh guebhtu gur frevrf bs cbegnyf?
  • Gb trg rabhtu 5f, lbh arrq gb fgber gurz vafvqr n cbegny.
  • Gur bayl jnyy gung rkvfgf va guvf yriry vf gur 5 qbbe. Pna lbh hfr gung va fbzr jnl?
  • Lbh arrq gb or noyr gb chfu gur cbegny naq gnxr vg jvgu lbh.
  • Lbh pna hfr n 10 ntnvafg gur 5 qbbe gb or noyr gb chfu gur cbegny.

Hints for level 7:

  1. Qbrf vg znggre juvpu funcr lbh hfr gb bcra gur jvyq qbbe?
  2. Ubj pna lbh trg rabhtu funcrf gb bcra nyy gur qbbef?
  3. Pna lbh hfr n lryybj qvnzbaq gb bcra gur jvyq qbbe?

You're pretty close then! Hope these help:

  • Lbh arrq gb pyrne gur fvqrf va n pregnva beqre.
  • Vf vg cbffvoyr gb qrynl pbzovavat gur ahzoref? Jura vf vg arprffnel?

I don't have great hints for this one, just some strategies to try. It's a rough one and it's hard to think about!
(use rot13 to decode)

  • Gel gb or njner bs nyy gur bcgvbaf naq zbirf lbh unir.
  • Unir lbh gevrq oevatvat oybpxf onpxjneq?
  • Unir lbh gevrq yrnivat fcnpr gb ghea nebhaq naq oevat oybpxf sbejneq?

Hints for Level 4:
(use rot13to decode)

  • Jung unccraf jura lbh yrnir n fdhner jvgu n tenl fvtvy ba gur tebhaq?
  • Jung unccraf jura n funcr yrnirf gur fdhner jvgu n tenl fvtvy ba gur tebhaq?
  • Ubj znal gvzrf pna lbh pebff gur zvqqyr jnyy?
  • Ubj pna gur checyr K uryc lbh zvavzvmr gur ahzore bs tenl fvtvyf lbh fgrc ba?

Ah yes, that's an infinite series of rooms -- entering the portal does not "reset" the room, it brings you to a new room with the same layout.

Which levels specifically @megpea27? Are you sure it's undoing or are you being taken to a different place?

Yes, I like to say creating a puzzle is a lot like solving a puzzle :)

I always had a document open while making levels. Any time I saw a surprising edge-case or something unintuitive or cool happened, I would write that down in the document.

Each level started with me trying to force the player to do one of the cool things in the document. Sometimes, the conditions were specific enough that it was basically a full puzzle on its own. Sometimes it wasn't hard enough, so I then had to add complications and test to see if it was still possible.

The most important thing was iteration. Usually, my first draft of a level wasn't very good. Every time I worked on the game, I would go through a few levels I had already "finished" and made sure I still liked those levels. I tried to simplify each level to align with its core ideas. If I was unsatisfied with some part of the level, I would try to make small changes to improve it. If I thought the level was now overshadowed or just bad I would scrap it completely.

This iterative process slowly turned a lot of initially mediocre levels into interesting and challenging ones.

Here are the hints for level 10 I posted below:

Hints for level 10: (use rot13 to decode)

  • Jung unccraf vs lbh chfu ba gur erq fvqr bs n cbegny? Ubj pna guvf uryc?
  • Gur purpxreobneq qbbe bayl bcraf jura nyy bgure qbbef va gur nern ner bcra.
  • Jung beqre zhfg lbh bcra gur qbbef va?
  • Vf gurer n jnl gb fgber n funcr ba gur gbc vfynaq sbe yngre?