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cute little game!

i beat elephant push!

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Yeah, definitely had to fiddle with the exact numbers a lot, but the heavy lifting is done by the d3(-force) library. Check it out if you're a JS dev!

Thanks for the kind words!

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Very nice little game. Some of the screens leading up to and after the ending are pretty brutal; wasn't expecting that difficulty!

I like that the music speeds up the farther you get in the game. And I agree that it's a nice surprise at the end!

Very polished -- great stuff!

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My current highscore table, for those of you who are competitive and want a goal!

Impressive! You packed a lot of items in there and the terrain destruction works great.

If you don't mind explaining, how did you accomplish the dynamic terrain?

Interesting concept -- sort of like speedrunning/routing in small chunks.

Yeah, finding it relaxing is a good attitude! I'm impressed by how much motivation the PICO-8 community has in general.

Adorable sprites! I think these types of slowish puzzly platformers feel great in Pico-8.

Ooh, I like the concept a lot, although I could see the backtracking getting annoying if it were much longer. I especially like the final powerup and how it changes how you perceive the environment.

I didn't find the actual combat or enemies terribly engaging, but the level design and exploration was enough to keep me interested until the end. Good stuff!

Extremely impressive! Looks great, plays well. I love the whip animation! You fit a ton of features into a Pico-8 Kart -- multiple difficulties, multiple paths, secrets, a variety of enemies, moving platforms, bosses. This looks like it was a ton of work!

My only critique is that I am partial to how deliberate the movement in the original Castlevania is; I don't like that you can move after whipping or control in mid-air after jumping, but those are points of preference and I don't mean for them to be prescriptive.

Otherwise you nailed the look and feel -- I love this!

Hey, thanks for playing; I'm glad you "enjoyed" them! Yeah, I think the difficulty in SwapBot is pretty front-loaded since a lot of the solutions require the player to discover things about the mechanics, and there's less to discover as you go on. 5 requires something very bizarre/unintuitive, and I think 9 just requires good swap optimization? 9 actually has a couple nearly distinct solutions, but many people find it to be one of the hardest despite that.

Good job on beating Bubble Butler, too! That game has more filler and is a little clunkier, but I think I still managed to make some satisfying puzzles. It's very heavily inspired by Little Magic (or at least my memory of Little Magic) so I think they're not quite as original. Still pretty proud of Level 29 though!

Very cute!

Cool game, and I bounced off of Snakebird super hard too, so we have something in common :)

Hey, this game is wonderful :)

Not too hard, but very cute!

Cute! The bespoke rules for each levels were a nice change of pace.

love this one too!

very clever concept!