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Thanks for letting me know! Yeah I was in a big rush trying to get it finished before the deadline. I will look into it tomorrow. Thanks again :)

Actually when uploading the rar file to a "rar to zip" conversion site, and then extractin in zip it works fine! So yeah, I think its just me :)

FYI I still get the error msg when downloading the .rar. Based on other commenting that they can play the game fine Im assuming that the problem lies on my end.

Near the bottom of the page, it explains that: "After the jam is over you are allowed to make small adjustments to the game jam entry as long as you provide a changelog"

What exactly counts as "small adjustments"? Does adding more levels to a game count for instance?

It might be just me, but I can't open it at all "the archive is either in an unkown format or damaged"

The .rar file is corrupted