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thank you and also fuck you, i was just trying to get off and i got suckered into thinking deeply about my fraught relationship to masculinity 10/10 would eat again

this story is the hottest thing i've ever read but it left me with a deep unspeakable longing that haunts me even now, so it's impossible to say whether it's good or not

i like this a lot. it packs a lot of feeling into a pretty small game.

as a folk punk musician myself, i just wanna say, this shit's dope and it made me feel things

Party of One did a really good actual play.

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thanks for reading!

have you played Knowing You? one of the things I love about that game is the way it gently pushes you to draw from your own history for material without ever telling you exactly where the boundaries between that and the fiction should be. I was trying for something like that ambiguity.

using specific literal prompts for struggles felt very limiting of that to me, which is why I ended up going the more abstract route, but I still tried to use prompts I could think of multiple examples for from my life.

do i get something special if i get all the orbs? i got 12/13 and I'm trying to decide if I wanna replay now or wait a few days

dope game btw
made me feel a lot of feelings
i'm kinda just sitting here feeling conflicted about my exes now