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Love the artstyle, point blank. The watercolor/marker/whatever effect on paper looks so good! Moreover, it really suits the tone of the story.

The atmosphere was impeccable. It made me feel something... bittersweet. Hope in something that feels hopeless. I wish the two of them all the happiness. You made me care for both of them in such a short time. <3

A really interesting look into how they see each other and how they see themselves. Also made me giggle in cuteness at the end, so loved it lots, every bit of it.

Very beautiful game. Clearly evident how much work you put into the presentation. The demo ends at just the perfect moment leaving us wanting more. Super curious about both routes~!

(Tried to contact you on discord, but your DMs are only for friends, so here's my pitch.)

Hello! I was wondering if you had a team for Spooktober, yet? I listened to your portfolio on your site and loved what you have.

My team is making a game called Loose Oddities and Entities. You can see more info on our itch pitch:
If that sounds interesting to you and you're still free, add me as a friend on Discord (garbledmess#6175) and I'll give you more details and add you to the team server if you are all in!

I think you'll be happy to know that this concept is being reworked into a fuller game for Spooktober Jam and should be out by the end of September! Hopefully, it will sate some of your curiosity.

(6 edits)

Logline: Your late grandfather left you many messes to clean up, including a few that are alive.

This is a story where you are sent to clean your recently deceased grandfather's house only to find out that he has been keeping six different supernatural creatures locked up. You can decide what to do with the residents he was keeping locked up before his death. Do you want to let them go, or dispose of them like your mother suggests? After all, your grandfather wouldn't have locked up innocent beings, right?

The vibes will be a little spooky and little silly. I have several minigame ideas planned for it to change up the pace here and there. We are using Ren'Py.

This concept is based of my O2A2 game (The Woman in the Basement) just last month. I have also completed a game for Spooktober 2021 solo, Yandere Jam with a team, and a short fangame for another VN.

Team members include:

garbledmess - Lead, Sprite + Background Artist, and jack of all trades where necessary
Rae (Paradox) - Writer
Jaqui - Writer
Viris - Writer
sonic-nancy-fan - Editor
Resurrected Hobbyist - General Programmer
itsthepinoyboy - Voice Actor and Voice Caster
Levendelis - GUI Designer

Team members we're searching for:

Programmer for Minigames

We are aiming for partial voice acting. We'll be casting once the script it finalized, so the voice actors can start work immediately.

Art Example
Below are the designs for the odd entities you will be meeting. The main character will be a side sprite and you will also talk to your mother via video call, but color designs of them have not been completed, yet.

Thank you for your consideration~! Comment here, or contact me on discord: garbledmess#6175

I would definitely play a full version of this. He is super cute. I wish I was recording myself because there was a moment where I let out a soft gasp, slapped my desk and said, "he's a certified DILF!?"
There's a lot of love stored in this game.

Very good points!

I was attempting to word it in a way that would make the player assume that the main character doesn't know anything in the first place, but then with a second playthrough have the words have a different meaning.

"... some woman" is a leading statement for suggesting she isn't just a normal person and the "what are you?" standing on the legs of 'I know you're /something/, but I'm not sure what.'

I did the same with her suggesting something to the player. I'm not sure if you got that dialogue, but it goes along the lines of her offering the concept of "being beyond" to the player which could suggest her giving an actual gift of power or making the player go into the great beyond~.

But I admit, I'm not the best at word play! Pft!

Thank you for enjoying what did work for you!

Huge apologies in the late response. If you're still looking on how to achieve that ending: choose to run after you realize the god is hungry.

"custom GUI assets like buttons, text boxes, textures and other elements"

Would an imagebutton that looks like an item within the story be considered outside this realm? For example, the player has the choice between a cup of tea or a cookie and you get to click on them to choose. If so, I would just make it a text option.

There is no nudity.

Thank you so much for enjoying! I'm so happy you think so! <3

And apologies for the wait: Liberation A is achieved by going through the conversation until the end, speaking about The Wide World and then choosing Yes.

Apologies for the wait!
To get Revision A, you need to make it to the end the of the conversation, choose The Wide World and then No.

I guess I should get around to writing a walk-through for everyone, hahah!

Thank you so much for playing and enjoying it~!

The leaves were definitely something on my to do list to change, but I ran out of time and went with what I got. If I release a patched version of the game, that will definitely be one of the fixes.

Thank you so much for enjoying everyone's hard work! If you are having trouble with the endings, I can definitely make a walk through when I have some free time on my hands. As for an expanded version... Perhaps some day~! I do love these characters, hahah!

In terms of sexual content, not at all.

There is a CG that includes death, though, if that is what you're asking about!

I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed playing my game! <3 Thanks for the comment, you made my night~!

Group endings were actually my main plan, but I wanted to give each character their own time to shine, so I added them in as I was nearing the end of writing. I agree, more games should have poly or friendship ends!

also hehehe ;)

Thank you so much! <3 I'm super glad you enjoyed!

I do have many ideas, so I'll get to working~! Hahah!

Thank you so much for enjoying it! <3

This was absolutely lovely~! I was planning on only grabbing a few endings and coming back after I played more jam games, but I couldn't put it down once I started.

The art is gorgeous, the way the endings unlock further endings is very interesting, and the little hints that tie everything? Perfection!

Thank you for working so hard on this beautiful game!

Oh, I love this a lot~! <3

The art style of the sprites was gorgeous (and the little extras, like shading bars over Artur in the beginning, nice!!) Even Patrick looks pretty (but he makes me so angry, lmao!) The background characters really make that "this is unnatural" feeling soar. I really like the style of the backgrounds themselves, too! The shapes and perspective are really nice to look at.

The music was great, the sound effects great, the voice acting: great!!

I love Emma as a main character. She's very relatable and I love to see how the choices effect her. Artur is very charismatic and I kept looking between him and Emma like, "I love you both. You should... /// erm, hold hands. ;3"

The minigame was very fun and that one in the pharmacy if you make /choices/ had me scrambling when the timer appeared, hahaha! The whole concept of doing the anxiety grounding technique as a interactive activity is genius.

I think one of the more smaller memorable bits for me was when Artur asks for Emma's name and she's not listening. I think having the voice acting go on without it being narrated was a very cool concept.

Overall, the story was really interesting, the worldbuilding was done at a perfect pace of understanding the rules of the world without being overwhelmed by so much as once, and... I want to know more about it all! So I'll definitely be looking out for your future game!

Thanks to your team for working so hard on this!

I got a few of the bad ends on my first foray into your GORGEOUS game... most purposefully because I knew I was making bad decisions and made ample use of the save feature, heheh!

I just want to say I love the game design. Anytime Nine is at their computer and Nyari is in the background reacting or Kiol is standing at ready?? It all adds so much. Your team made great use of that. And all the little extra things you can do with the computer or phone? *chef's kiss*

I love every character. They're so full of life! The character designs, voice acting, and writing are all so well done. I want to be their friends! Even Niard, haha! Nine is a very relatable protagonist, too, and that's super important.

As soon as I finish checking out the many, many more jam games, I am careening straight back into this world because I love everyone and want to know more, more, more! I hope to collect every end.

Thank you so much for working hard on it!

Thank you so much for enjoying my game!

Your nitpicks are very much appreciated because even little things can improve the game experience immensely. I have thoughts on all /your/ thoughts, but to not ramble too much, I'll just pick a few!

You're absolutely right on the interruption speed. I wasn't exactly sure how to fix that because I just learned the {nw} command and was flying through trying to get everything done, but I'm looking forward to learning more coding stuff, so I'll definitely jump in and fix that as soon as I find another way to do it! Because you're right, I could easily understand what was happening because I wrote it, but it's kinda too fast to read.

Editing was definitely on the list. I think I'm gonna not look at my game for another week or so and try to go back bit by bit to find things, reading them slowly out loud to see if I catch problems. I'm not sure where to go about getting a proofreader and my friends are busy, so I must conquer where I can, hahah!

This was my first usage of audio, so I'll definitely aspire to change it up more with future endeavors.

I know exactly where that transition is. I'll fix it soon!

That ending title is unique to that ending. That's a fun one! Friendship truly is magic, hahah! I hope you enjoy the rest of the endings if you're able to play them in the future~!

And thanks for your thoughts about the game title. I was originally thinking of changing it because I thought it might made some things too obvious early on, but... hehehe, it stuck with me.

Again, thank you so much for playing! I'm excited to play your game soon, too! <3

This game is absolutely gorgeous! I love the artstyle and it's so fitting for the atmosphere. The protag is super likable, the cast is well designed, the voice acting super good, the art, the GUI, the everything - WOW! This was a great time!

Also... I got five endings? > u > It was short and sweet, so I understand why it wasn't included, but I almost thought to give up before realizing it didn't register on the endings page! Hahaha!

I played through a few of the endings! I think the art style is really unique and fits in with type of game! It's silly and the time with our rented friends is short, but it is impactful. You did a great job and if I have time, I'd love to get more endings soon! <3

I'm so glad you liked it!

I filled them with all the love I had in me and there were only the bottom of the barrel remnants left for him.... Just look from a far and it'll be okay, haha!

Thanks so much! I'm glad you had a good time!

I'm excited to try out your game soon~!

Thank you so much for playing and enjoying!

That was one of my more favorite ends to work on, too! So I'm super glad it worked well.

Oh, I completely understand! There are so many good games in this jam (including yours!) and I want to play them all. I have to get on it, hahah! Please enjoy at a reasonable pace~

Thank you so much for playing and enjoying!

I think you made a fantastic amount of content, especially since you were just starting diving into Ren'Py as you went. I really think you can go far!

I'm so glad you enjoyed! I was definitely toeing the line of how obvious I should make things because I wanted to surprise people, but also not have it so out of nowhere.

You have been inducted in the ~friendship~ squad! Whether that is a good thing or not in the long run is up to debate, hahah, but it definitely is the best route for MC.

This was a lovely game! The artstyle and that eye animation at the beginning are really unique and atmospheric. I loved the storyline and I'm curious about the man... :) Which is the best way to come out of a new piece of work!

Thanks for working so hard on this!

This was lovely! I adored all of the cast, the art, the music, the voice acting, the story - it was all super good. Your crew worked hard and it shows! Great job!

I loved this a lot! You really got down pat on how to make a fairy tale! I went for all three endings and thought they all worked so well, but of course, I have a favorite: the good end, hahah!

The entire style of the GUI and the art was fantastic and went hand in hand with the story telling. Thanks for working so hard on this! <3

Your art is absolutely gorgeous! Each of the routes really were unnerving in different ways. The looming threat of the white and the story being so close, yet so far. It was a really tasty game, so thank you for working hard on it.

Absolutely lovely! Everyone was so nice to meet and talk to, the world is fun, the bakery setting.... SUPER GOOD. Will definitely be looking out for the final release!

I will say, there is a bug with changing from window to fullscreen modes and vice versa. The entire screen goes pitch black and you have to close and reopen the game. That is via task manager if it's in fullscreen mode since you can't see anything. A smiling Callaneiro sprite also didn't load while talking to them at the end of the date, but it didn't crash like your bug fix said. It just wasn't there.

But otherwise, it was perfect, fun, and beautiful! Thanks for your hardwork!!