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Thanks, we made it in a month and that's like, why it's super short. 

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Just get drunk and be sad.

It's about being homeless so like there's not a whole lotta options. 

A small PSX style exploration game.
Get lost.

I love that you had to write a message like this, but that shouldn't have caused a crash worthy issue. I'll wait around to see if I hear any similar issues from other users.

Thanks for reporting the bug to us. 

I'm uh, not able to replicate this crash(?) have you played the game again/has the error happened a second time?

I'll do some sleuthing but until further notice this will be labeled under the "bugs we don't understand Cool New Feature" category

If you don't mind what is your platform.

Oh thank you for bringing that to our attention. I thought we had fixed it but we may have forgotten to upload the proper build. They will be uploaded soon w/ minor content and typo fixes. 

A cute game about being a magical girls at a  yard sale!

yesterday. I still have my judges going through the games, we are waiting for everyone to talk about it and winners will be announced in about a week - a week and a half from now. 

Get some sleep, take care of yourself. Y'know.

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Thanks for the input. Yeah this project might not go any farther than its current state it was only supposed to be a demo of my skill, for porfolio reasons. Also have no idea by who you mean us other than the faceless crowd that seems to follow us deep into our dreams, so if you don't mean them I'd love it if you were a bit more specific :3