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Heyy this looks really nice! Thanks for making this!  

Hmm that's weird. You should probably ask Itch support about that, though

it's just Twitter right now, although a discord channel is not a bad thing to have..

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Thank you!
I am working on standalone stuff too, yeah
I post almost everything on twitter, so you can see the progress there :)



Thanks so much! Glad you liked it:)

Thank you for the high praise! Unfortunately, my attempts to bring Lila to Mac weren't successful :( I'm not sure if the solution is even possible, but I'll try my best still

Hey, you should contact support for that - they are the ones processing payments

You should be able to download it from here (the link in the Forest dialogue is different for the itch version), unless I've messed up the versions again. I'll check it soon

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Hey, I fixed it some time ago, sorry for that

Hi, this includes the Android apk only. It's specified in the title

Working on it, but it proved to be harder than anticipated :(

Hi! This question is very difficult to answer, because I don't know what "proper horror" means for you. There aren't many jumpscares, since I don't like them that much, there's about 4-5 in the whole game. 

Hi, sorry for that, I'll look at what might be wrong - you were using the steam version, right?

Not really, unfortunately, there's only two slots for them currently

It is finally here!

If you are reading this - Who's Lila? has been released! What are you waiting for - dive within the gritty surrealistic world of the game and don't forget to make some goofy (and terrifying) faces along the way!

To mirror the Steam's offer, Who's Lila? is coming with a launch discount  -20% for the whole week!

Who's Lila? is a point-and-click adventure where, instead of choosing dialogue options, you control the character's face manually.

Get it now!


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Thanks, and hey - send me an e-mail - I can give you a free key, if you'd like :)

Almost there:)

really glad to hear that! Hope you'll like it when it comes out :)

Ty! <3

The full price is going to be $12, but there'll be a discount at launch + a free key giveaway

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Ty! Neither can I! This whole thing has been so enjoyable. Hope you guys will also find it interesting <3

Thanks for playing!

hi, sorry to hear that! Please send me an e-mail here -, there's been a couple cases with a similar problem

Thank you very much for playing and feedback! World of horror was definetely one of the influences artistically, as well as Sonoshee's Critters for sale (recommend to check it out!)

Will be fixing the typo and steam link today, sorry for that haha

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Demo is out!

Who's Lila? is a reverse-detective point-and-click adventure. It is an AI-powered choice-driven game, where instead of choosing dialogue options, you have full control over the character's face

A girl named Tanya Kennedy suddenly goes missing. The only thing your friends know - you were the last person she was seen with. Will you remain secretive and act as though nothing happened, or will you let emotions show through your mask?

In Who's Lila, a specifically trained face-recognizing neural network allows you to make this choice! In dialogue, instead of choosing a text option, the player inputs facial expressions by moving parts of their characters face.
The neural network then analyzes the emotion and outputs the result, progressing the plot!

Try it out now:



Thanks! Now that you mention it, making the actual emotion on top for sure makes more sense haha

Hi! I've been struggling with the Mac's release due to Emgu CV's external libraries - I will definetely try to release it on Mac by February (or earlier hopefully!!) 

I'll keep it in mind! 

Hi, I'm not sure, but it is a possibility, depending on how well the reception is!

Hi! Glad you liked it, I use Unity

Huge fan of this project, runs a bit slow on my old GPU, but damn - it's like recording a video of a dream.

Yeah, Sonoshee's work was definetely one of the inspirations!