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Hey, to get a refund you should contact the support

That's a bootleg not done by me, I was trying to get it off appstore

I haven't really thought of that, tbh. Is Steam only accessible through vpn in China?

Thank you for your kind words <3 <3

Thanks! I'll keep that in mind 

thanks <3

These are tombstones.

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Have you not only wanted to care about a T-Gotchi, but also be one?

We got you covered!

This is a Vtuber-ready Live2d T-Gotchi Model. It is currently prepared for PrPrLive and programs that utilise Live2d's native .json models!

The atchive also contains the original .moc3 file, so you may alter the model if needed.

The model includes:

  • Smiling animation
  • Toggleable blush
  • Toggleable tears
  • Toggleable eye expression

Get it now! :

Hey, thank you very much for playing!

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Are you on mobile? If so, I'm afraid it might be a compatibility issue

If that's the case, I suppose it's best just to refund, sorry(

Thanks! Since it's mainly a point-and-click adventure, the player won't have to meddle with the face to the point of fatigue, hopefully. I'll definitely playtest the game with a focus on that though.


Whoa just checked it out. Looks so awesome, I didn't know Giger did games!!

Oh, will update it soon too. 

Yep, I think I will soon. The process is kinda long on Steam as you have to set a ton of icons and then wait for them to review the collection etc.

So wholesome tho

Hey, huge thanks for the video and the feedback!

Enter the name an then press return on your keyboard

I suppose you just delete the old files and replace them with new ones

The art collection is only available on, so I'd recommend you buy it here, as the Steam key also comes with it.

Awesome ;)

Hello, this might help:

There's a delay on the Steam end. All currencies other than USD will be available in a day or so. Thank you for your patience

Thank you so much! I am really happy you were able to enjoy that kind of thing


Thank you for your feedback! I am really glad, you liked the game. It's interesting, I'm actually thinking about adding some features similar to what you describe to a possible sequel.

Thank you for the feedback! Working on a steam release rn, so not really sure( 

Thank you so much for your kind words <3

Comments like this keep me going

Here it is:

Am planning on doing that!

Look a bit further down in the comments, there's a fix for that.

Thank you so much for playing! Am fixing the crash, sorry for that(

Dm me on twitter!


Thank you for such a detailed reflection on this little experience. While I find it beautiful, how differently people view the game, I did have a certain intention while making it. This intention was to show, how little power you actually have as a player. While some games give you an illusion of choiceand power, you can never really go beyond the creator's intent. Unless you try to break the game, of course, or choose a path that is unlikely to have been planned by the developers. That's where the player feels freedom. I did not want that. 

This game was intented to leave you unsatisfied. 

I dislike closure. If I satisfy you with a good ending, you will shortly forget about this experience. Yet by giving you an unfulfilling, dry declaration instead, I tried to make you dwell on this story a bit longer. 

I hope this makes my intentions a bit clearer. 

I do indeed! Please, contact me on Twitter:


Thanks ;)

Thanks for playing!