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honestly, it is not a big concern, but I just wanted to share it with you.  

personally, I still think you did an excellent job, the animations were good the sounds weren't too repetitive, and all in all, it was a very good start, I didn't even see any real errors during my playthrough. a good job is all I can say and I definitely look forward to your next update.

English User Here. 

this is actually Quite good. 

I Honestly would like to see more of it.

the only real issues I see are a few spelling errors.

and I would like to see more variations.

positions, implements, characters if possible, and maybe even attire options. 

 I honestly was quite impressed.

I am looking forward to seeing what you will come up with next.

TY!!! that Was Exactly What I was Looking For. ^^

so you made his Last Name X or His First Name X?

is there a pre-ordained character name option for those who don't like naming characters? silly I know but thought I would ask

It was cute.  had a sort of cartoony feel to it, I will say that you had an error earlier in your dialogue, but other than that it worked exceptionally well. I do however feel like it was a bit too short. it has a lot of potential.  Nice work ^ ^

how do I update my game files?

side note this has been a great game so far i really like it

Awe, that was cute. ^ ^ 

thanks for posting ^^

oh shit! hey I should probably let you know that Godspeak also has a much older game here on Called "Spank or Treat"

Interesting, I don't Believe that the "Turn off X/m?" Content Pop Up,  Was there Before. I am Not Against that At all, Since it is there to Respect the Player's Preferences. In fact, I kind of Wish there were More Times I saw something like that. and Being someone who Is More preferential to  X/f Than X/m I can Certainly Appreciate that. ^ ^

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I got the chance to try out day two, and I loved all the effort you added, great work Sensei! May I make a suggestion to add an automatic option for the more interactive scenes? If not that's fine. I just thought it might be a nice option for people who aren't as into clicking. So far I think it's a great story, I'm actually looking forward to whatever you think of next. Later ^ ^

I am still playing through this game, but I actually really like the sort of top-down resident evil-like feel to it.

the fact that this was a one-shot is a bit sad because there is a ton of potential here. 

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How do you install the latest updates by chance? do you use the installer or do you have to do it manually?

this was amazing! there were a few typos but good lord this was a great game, My playthrough I chose Ly'dele btw, but yeah this was quite enjoyable, I hope you plan to continue!

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I would have to say that this one is your best simulator. I really like the amount of customization, so that the player can make their own decisions on how to handle each client. I myself would turn the power up to max as these are criminally inclined penalties, and any acts of violence would recieve a max speed level. non violent decisions would recieve the lowest speed level. either way I think a Visual preparation phase may be a good suggestive option. other than that its very well made.

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for a quick fix, it is not too shabby. I would suggest some reactionary dialogue from each character during their sessions, but I have to say I am quite impressed with what is already available. the skin texture and skin tones of your character models come off as surprisingly realistic. but is quite obvious that there are currently only three specific character choices so far, so I would also like to suggest adding a bit of dialogue that lets the player know when their client has reached their personal limit. again these are only suggestions, and so far I have no other real concerns. you have done an excellent job on this. keep up the good work. ^ ^

that was adorable... I honestly about lost it when i met the "antagonist/s" the first time, but then i figured it out quickly once the second one arrived... Nice choice by the way I did not see that coming.

awesome! looking forward to it ^^

thanks ^ ^

So I just recently Installed this game Via its launcher and after it finished updating i admired the lovely repeating Intro/loading screen? and then I fullscreened the game, and chose to do some browsing, I opened up the gallery, before even entering the game and after parusing the different locked Gallery scenes, I got an error message and Clicked quit. My theory is this happened becuase there is either a bug, or the bug is triggered when you reach the end of your gallery. either that or one the gallery namesakes, when clicked causes this bug. Hope this helps in fixing.

Hi! So I have bit of a question about updating games here? Do you have to reinstall them or is there a way to update them without having to reinstall?

TY THAT WORKED!!! AWESOME! Now I have the freedom to start from scratch ^^

ty, I will definitely try that.


Damn It isn't working, Maybe it's because of the type of keyboard i have? Sometimes I have to use the FN key, but even that is not working

ty ^^

Hi there, so I'm a Bit shy about asking this, but does anyone here know how i delete my save files I tried the whole cart before the horse route out of frustration but now i want to be a good boy. by the way this is really well done, it is really long, and will test your patience alot, but I think thats also kind of part of its charm. I can't deny that My early impressions are very good.