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It's fun!

cool game!

unity keeps loading, progress bar is stuck at about 90%

was that all?

finally beat stage 5, was super difficult

it took me a while to realise the height the building rises is based on the number on the dice, haha, whoops

Cool game!

it's bigger than my screen though, seems to be made for mobile? (cause it's vertical)

Really cool! and great step-by-step tutorial-like gameplay

Really cool! And great tutorial. It was really fun, would love to play a longer game!

Cool idea, but it's really annoying how the dice doesn't actually line up with the sides you show on the right, which makes the entire thing pointless

yeah, I understand. with a game made in such short time, there's bound to be some bugs 😅

nice visuals. well made. surprisingly easy to beat :)

Any instructions/explanation would have been nice

Why are there no instructions?

Looks like a cool game, but it gets stuck all the time, either because a die flew off the table, the cane is outside of view, or it keeps telling me to give the dice while they are already in the rectangle.

I have no idea how this game works. I don't know anything about this casino game. A bit of explanation would be nice.

Also, I moved the cane thing out of view and now I can't get it

I landed on spikes while in the  toolbox mode and the character didn't die, but I couldn't jump either, making me trapped. I clicked on the flag icon which despawned the character but didn't respawn it seemingly, so I'm stuck now


8.08m is my best, which isn't very high I guess, haha.

nice little game!
I wanted to join in the ludum dare as well, but forgot about it, woops

Very cool! well made!

Absolutely amazing

Really fun! seriously one of the best I've played this jam!

Spectres are impossible to defeat though!

I feel like you got a good concept here for a full game!

Nice! Now I'm curious to know which one you missed :D


so please tell me, which ones did you find? :D

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Cool game! very atmospheric!

is there a way to survive?

by the way, what's the link to the ludum dare page, so I can give it a rating? :)

Yes, I'm sure I'm not cheating! :p
Got a depth of 854 meters ;)

Out of curiosity, what worlds did you ride in the Tacx trainer software?
and how did you find out I made them? :D

pretty cool. well made.

the implementation of the theme is kinda weird though. Would have probably been better with just healthbars for both the player and the titan

A bit janky, but well made, and great sprite work!

Well done! For a first game this is really nice!

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I can't get past level 2, you can't seem to move them anywhere?
Edit: nevermind, I thought you had to drag tiles inbetween others, but you have to place them on another to swap them.

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I'm doing the ludum dare 46, and I can't figure out how to link the game I uploaded on itch from the ludum dare site, or vica versa. How do I do this? In your example here, you just click on the add-tag button, and you get a link, but when I do that, there's no link.

Edit: nevermind, apparently its fine to just link to the page