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Cool game! I like the 2.5D effect of it, although explaining the controls would be helpful as i had to press on all the keys of my keyboard to find them out!

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Nice game! I really like the visual effects and voice effects!

Cute little game! I enjoyed figuring out the different levels, I dont think the game fits the theme very well though.

Very cute game! And very impressive amount of levels!

A suggestion would be to allow the player to use the arrow keys on the keyboard to queue instructions.

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try out our game!

try out our game!

Thanks for trying the game again and nice job on finding chicho! We all really enjoyed watching your playthrough of it!

Thanks for playing our game! we recently updated it to give more time for the parents to catch you in the second level to make it easier to win so perhaps give it another go? xD

Thanks, that's alright! Im glad you enjoyed it!

Let us know what score you get!

Would love it if you tried ours! You control two alien lovers that are escaping human captivity. The game is a 2D endless shooter game so let us know what score you get!

Thanks! Good suggestion, will look into that!

Ah interesting, well thats something we gotta fix but im glad to hear you played it long enough to find that out! XD

Very cool game! I especially liked the visual and sounds effects!

Nice work!

Thanks so much! It was quite stressful to finish off all the mechanics especially cuz of all the bugs that came up just a few hours before submission! Still overall was really fun to work on and im glad people are liking it!

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This is our game! Pandora's Christmas Surprise! 

Pandora couldn't wait until Christmas to open her presents! She quickly realizes that was a mistake!

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Hey, Im trying to get through all the submissions! There are so many great games!

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