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Gaming Greyhound

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Dude, I love this. I love this so much! Make am ovie out of it! :D

Found it via:

Not exactly a game that you should play in a vulnerable state :D But pretty genious and frigtening writing ;p

Fund it via this guy:

Really loved the graphics and atmosphere of this one! Found it via:

Short but sweet! Fund it via:

fascinating game! wouldn't have found it without this guy:

a bit much reading, but solid admosphere! was made aware of it by this youtuber:

Great job! was made aware of this game by this youtuber (directly the first game in the video):

Great job! was made aware of this game by this youtuber:

phantastic atmosphere! Cool game. I enjoyed this let‘s play and am looking forward to play the full version myself!

the moment you realize what’s going on and who you are. In this playthrough you can see it perfectly 🤣

really cool, perhaps a bit scary for me, but I enjoyed this guys playthrough:

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This is honestly really cool. I surely will get back to playing soon

EDIT: and now that i found the map in the manual, I will definitely go back! 

cool game! Liked this guy‘s take on it

Seeing CK fail at this game is a lot of fun. I am not sure that I would be couragous enough to play it myself though ^^

very nice atmosphere. had fun watching this guy got scared! :D

Loved this guy's playthrough. That looks so amazing. Waiting for the full release!

Okay, I saw this guy play it, it looks so dope, honestly.

That is such a fascinating atmosphere! Loved the playthrough of this guy and am looking forward to playing myself!

I had a lot of fun watching the playthrough of this guy, will definitely check it out myself!

Found the game via the guy below. Looks so amazing!

Sounds amazing. Don't forget to include Greyhounds, though!

This is fun! A little short, but are saying that it's only 6 levels, so that's fair. :) I would love a longer one with power-ups or a show for upgrading or leveling or whatever. Do you plan to release a 3rd one?

No, thank you for creating! If you ever feel like joining a Twitch stream and talk about the game, please feel free to contact me! 😉

I had some issues (not with the game) and lost a lot of footage... but it's very atmospheric! I think about doing a stream with it.

I really loved this! A strong dose of good energy and just pure happiness! Thank you for that! Planned on doing more than one game in the video, but this deserves a standalone representation.

Really nice approach, had fun! Not sure I got the ending though or if there is a way to get a different ending. :D

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I really enjoyed it. Perhaps I‘m overthinking it, but I love the ‚open‘ ending. Feels as if something stays with you. 👻 I think it‘s special and can‘t understand most of the negative voices here.

Great game, my friend. Thanks for the ride!