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Hmm...I'm not sure how to rate this one. I really like your intro cutscene, graphics are good, I like the concept and the music gives off a creepy vibe but the game seems...too hard. I know you said in the description it's hard but after playing it and watching your playthrough I feel like the player isn't given enough information on how to move on. For example in Level 2, how are you supposed to figure out what order to talk to the monks in order to get the paint?

This is the /r/WebGames why can't I play it in a Web Browser? It kinda defeats the purpose.

But onto the game itself; it's pretty fun, I like that each of the buttons you indicated has a cheat power at the cost of activating super hard mode. I think I get why you picked the keys you did but its a little difficult with one hand on the key pad and the other on rest of the keyboard, if you used WASD for movement, I think you could get some really high scores since both hands would be on the character keys. If you keep working on it, I think this could be a really fun endless runner type game (like Jetpack Joyride or Temple Run)

I don't really like Crime/Mafia games without some kind of story so I can justify my actions but I can tell the game is well made for something made in 4 days. I like that there are multiple strategies you can use to progress through the game and the menus are well done and easy to navigate, it reminds me of older simulator games. It took me awhile to realize the game was happening in real time so maybe just a notice of that would be helpful. If you keep working on it I think it'd be more fun with some dialog and maybe some rival mobs/gangs.

A very short but funny text adventure with a Sassy AI. I enjoyed the writing but I didn't really see how it encapsulated the theme of breaking the rules (I guess trying to date the AI was the rule breaking?) I think it'd be really funny if you could some how get one of those computer voices like Microsoft Sam to narrate it and make it a little longer (and more secrets endings plz).

Love the music!

Pretty fun albeit short game. You can't really play it again once you figure it out either. Maybe to add a way for both players to win once you figure out the true nature of the game you could make it so that both players can cheat? That could add a layer of strategy. Also a super minor gripe but there's no Play button or "Click to Start" on your title screen.

It's kinda like a simplified form of the card game "Cheat". I always find it weird to play this type of game with AI because either the AI is perfect or random, meaning it's up to chance if the AI catches you rather than outsmarting them. Anyway, I like the game, its easy to pick up and I like your art and music choices. My only gripe is that you have no control whether you cheat or not since the cards are randomly distributed when cheating is called so you can't plan to avoid cheating. Also maybe I'm just really lucky but the opponents always seemed to cheat. With a bit more work I think this could be the start of a fun card game compilation game.

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Sorry 'bout that, I was gonna make a WebGL version too but I didn't have enough time to fix sizing issues.