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Just in case anyone else loved this piece. might not like the "fanfare" that happens at 1:40 in this song.
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I laughed, I cried...and I fell in love too! This story is captivating, and it messed with all my emotions; I connected with the heroine and fell in love Bahadur just as she did.

If I could change anything, it would only be that the Heroine and Bahadur had gone back to Ansia and ask if she would like to come with them.

Also wouldn't have minded more Bahadur beefcake!!

It seems there are a lot of visual novel games that have had "release dates" come and go. This is why I don't spend money on anything until the finished product is released (if ever) because, why put money towards something when the creators can't meet the deadlines?

I was not aware it was going to be free. I'd still pay for it though, very good game so far.

Can't wait for this project to reach completion! Will definitely be buying this one!