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The soundtrack for Thy Sword is now available as DLC. The legendary SID chip (C64) was used for creating the music in Thy Sword, except for the intro and title tracks which are orchestral. Hope you will enjoy the tunes! This is the official soundtrack for the game. Apart from the intro song and main theme, all songs are made on the Commodore 64 and uses the wonderful SID chip.

If you ever wondered how the setup for the C64 SID process looks, here it is:

Track list

01 Intro (0:48)
02 Thy Sword (0:58)
03 Lands of Nhaastans (1:26)
04 Forest Theme (1:56)
05 Nighttime (1:52)
06 Cave Theme (1:31)
07 Spider Queen (1:59)
08 The Story Unfolds (0:35)
09 Fiery Mountain (2:15)
10 Dragon Lord (1:43)
11 Borg (1:15)
12 Lurking Horror (2:01)
13 The Village (0:46)
14 Gamblers (0:28)
15 21 Horsemen (0:24)
16 Thorn (2:24)
17 Sorcerer of Thorn (1:52)
18 Ancient Ruins (1:40)
19 Lich King and Queen (1:13)
20 Mountain Theme (1:48)
21 The Dark Tower (1:57)
22 The Dark Overlord (2:11)
23 The End (0:47)


Thank you so much!

Whooo! Congrats on release.

We are very happy to announce the release of Thy Sword on

Thy Sword is a hack n' slash platformer with procedural levels and roguelike elements. Inspired by true classics like: Barbarian, Moonstone, Golden Axe and Bubble Bobble! Single, player, local coop or VS matches.

Get ready for a heroic challenge!
Better yet, summon a friend for a truly epic co-op adventure,
...or a duel to the death. Whoever wins keeps his head.

GamePhase is a small indie game company from Finland. We make the games we would want to play, with passion and love for classic gaming.