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Game Over Mexico

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I like the puzzle and style of the green wizard!

Im like twerking!

nice!good job!

good job!

Nice job!!!  but im finish all the levels and I dont know If I win?

hte graphis are cute and the game , good job!!!

Its original, I like the function with zoom!!

its fun and good game, i like the level!

its a good idea, character bugs in some parts of the map , hav a good levels, good job!

its good ide the waves, and the idea, u can polishig ur graphics.

its hard to control, its good for the theme!!, good job!!

its dificult to control the fire and water cloud at first time but its nice idea!!

Its nice when the windows out of control!! very good graphics.

Hello, Interesting  but the Turn bugs in 3 and 6 , its good concept and good game jam!!!

its great but sometimes the mosnters bug out of the screen, good job!!!

I like its simple and the mechanic very sensitive! good job!!!

Fun, Cool art and music, great out of control !!!

Thanks, Im check The controls to feel better Expirience.


good game