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Look forward to buying the bundle when it becomes available. Hopefully there is some awesome game assets included this time around too!

And here I was working on outside assets for my game like a sucker! Thanks LimeZu for what looks like an awesome pack.

Awesome stuff. Are we allowed to use this for commercial projects at all? Also, would you like your name credited if it is used in a project?

Awesome. Just purchased. Looking forward to checking everything out!

Hi Shibibubi, great work on this pack as always!

I know you've allowed past asset packs to be used in commercial projects. I was wondering if there was a misprint on the text about the allowed usage for the complete version?

The text describing the allowed usages for the free version and complete version are pretty much the same thing.

Hi Sidearm Studios, awesome work!

I bought this pack as part of the Summer Sale bundle. Loving the metal music pack!

Just wanted to check though, by buying the bundle, am I still licensed to use music and sound effects in each of the packs as part of a game I intend to sell?

Also, would I simply list the songs I used from SideArm Studios in the music/sound effects section of my credits?

Love the look of this asset! Currently working on two farm settings for the project I'm working on, so this will come in handy

I purchased for the tileset, but I'm really enjoying the music from The Forest Elves as well!

Couple questions for you...

1. what are your preferences for attribution if we use the tileset or edits from the tileset in a game we are developing?

2. Does the purchase of this pack include the right to use the music in any project we are developing?

Thank you for your time and your work on this. I look forward to hearing from you.