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Just finished the game and all endings etc.
Great work, especially for your first project :')

It kinda encourages me to keep going, too, since I started so many games and stories and fanfictions, but never really finished a project or came to an end with it.

Looking forward to playing through your other game and you did fantastic work. Never let anyone tell or convince you otherwise <3

Maybe you should try it again. I for my part had the same happen just now, BUT I just had to wait 1-2 minutes for it to load and click nothing. And I thought it crashed/freezed, too. Maybe that'll work for you, too :)

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Nevermind, it just took awfully long to load for some reason after clicking start ;) So all good so far.

Review (kind of):

So, I finished the game now (well, 2 playthroughs - one as a girl with the 3rd picture and one as a boy with the first.) I probably missed 1-2 jumpscares according to what you said on the radio and I really like that easter egg where you talk about the project on it <3

Good experimental game, but sad it's so short (I know it was or rather became a small project since not much clould be included in the end) and I still enjoyed it. Definitely going to recommend it to my brother, too, and it wasn't too scary for me either. But that's a hit or miss anyway. I either get scared easily or not at all, so :)

Following you on here and maybe on Youtube (nice you played the RE3 Remake, too :D) and hope to maybe see more experimental stuff, but no pressure.

Thanks for the experience/game and stay safe :)


Unique and experimental horror experience worth multiple playthroughs due to changing elements in the game depending on what one did or chose at the start of the game.

Scary, but still recommended even for some of the faint of heart (only contains around 5 jumpscares and if one takes a break after one, the game is really manageable to finish :D)

4 stars only, though, due to it being so short. Best if everyone checks out the bonus material that's available for download, too, since it was supposed to include more. And make sure to keep an eye out for a secret message by the dev (clue: radio.)

Wonderful, mysterious Visual Novel. Had me hooked in the first few minutes and it's unpredictable and keeps up the tension the whole time. 

Very lore-rich and fitting music (nothing upbeat, but more subtle and with emphasis on the situation or location.)

Very much recommended :)

And I didn't even finish it nor a route once yet. Just need to stop a bit after reading it without a break for 3-5 hours or so.

While the devs didn't reply yet, I can provide an answer to what it was made with:

Ren'py. Originally a Visual Novel program, but it requires one to learn a programing language specifically for it, sadly.

And I hope your dyslexia will get better. And that more people will write less blocks of text and with pauses, like I did.

Still good luck if you ever plan to make a game yourself and stay safe :)

No, I agree with you. Even after that heartbreaking ending.

Hi o/

No screamers or jumpscares at all. And I finished it myself a couple of minutes ago and wrote some in-depth stuff above ;)

Hope you give it a go since it sure as hell is worth it (no bad pun intended.)

If you are easily scared - and again, no sudden pictures, screamers or jumpscares or anything like that in here - best play during daytime and it should be good :)

Just played it in one sitting  from start to finish and wow, what an experience <3

First, so everyone knows; there are no screamers at all in this game nor does it have jumpscares. It does, though, have a creepy, but pleasant atmosphere, in my opinion. 

The visuals, the whisphering (and voice acting here in general) and sound quality (and the sounds, especially at the end) and the music had me spellbound and felt awesome not just once.

In general, this is an experience I'd recommend to everyone who likes creepy stuff, just reading something in silence and in the dark or even fans of - and I really mean that - ASMR (even though I'm no big dedicated fan of it (yet).)

I'll certainly follow the devs of the game and thank them for this unique experience and inspiring concept and gameplay and how one can make something so simple, yet very intriguing.

Glad to have found such a gem on Itch (in my early days here) and kudos to everyone involved (the voice actor as well, ofc.)

5 big red stars from me :)

Hi and thanks for getting in touch :)
So, my problem is that I went out of that gate, viewed the cutscenes and then arrived at metal thing or what it was on the right of the path before I can turn left (iirc) and when I examined that, both characters exchanged a few words again and after, a black screen appeared, then I had to wait a few seconds and then came the text about the ability of the character. After I had clicked that away/pressed both of the keys one can use it with, the text on how to use it got displayed again and then again and that became a loop that wouldn't stop, so I couldn't atc in the game anymore :(

And good to know :)
Hope you'll be successful with the rework and the game will get the best it can get :D
I for my part am working on something, too, after years in the RMK MV, but still need to learn some basics again, so I'm no newbie, but also don't have much experience yet. But that aside, I know the transition is there on purpose, but the event getting stuck in an infinite loop probably not :(

Hm, I for my part think they could (depending on how long one will be around in that location) be god for the general atmosphere. Just turning the sound down a bit by default should be sufficient. But it depends :)

And that's understandable. I for my part suggest trying out what you (and maybe others working on the game?) like and see what feedback you'll get later :)

And regarding the bug again; I sadly can't provide footage if that would make it easier. I can just say after the explanation on what to press to use the ability, it gets stuck with that explanation over and over and nothing else works anymore (not walking, opening the menu etc.)

But again, hope you got this and the game will eventually turn out to be what you (and the audience?) wants it to be, so no rush or pressure, in my opinion :D

Regards and stay safe :)

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Can't really play it with mouse, sadly, since the player only looks up and spins around indefinitely without using the mouse or keyboard at all. The only game I have this issue in also. I'll try if using a controller works now.


Tried it again, this time with PS4 controller (I know it's probably not supported) and a 360 controller. While the latter does work, the spinning issue persists and has such a force I can barely do anything with the 360 controller.

Sucks I can't try this experience out like everyone else, but if you manage to fix it, I'll gladly try again.

And seems quite a few Unity games can/did suffer from this problem in the past, according to Google :(

And last but not least, thank you very much for offering it for free for a period of time. Much appreciated! :)

Same. First ending I had, too.

Oh, definitely agreed and I didn't even finish it or a route yet. It's that good <3 While I myself can't and won't donate, sadly, I'm baffled at this being for free as well.

I wish the devs would release it on Steam, maybe with some Artwork or Artbook or Walkthrough to buy (and the OST as well, if they are allowed to) and maybe could get some money that way to develop something as great as this or better.

One of the lore-heaviest and most unpredictable VN's with shades of gray instead of clear black and white, mysterious, greatly written characters and the perfect atmosphere, in my opinion.

Well, I wanted to try it out, but sadly, I get caught in a (tutorial) loop when it tells me about her special ability to find unseen things. And before the animation appeared, I had a short black screen there, too.

And the title screen shows no text at all for me (it did appear, though, in comparison to other bugs reported.)

I was actually looking forward to this and hope you'll be able to fix it easily :)

So far, I like the facesets and the menu UI, but the background sound effects (the splashing) is too loud and distracting in the starting area :(

I'll keep my eyes on this, still.

Good luck and success and stay safe :)

I agree with the dev. Again, they made it a while ago, before the situation was serious and also to kind of cheer people up and/or cope with the situation.

You can be upset all you want, but that doesn't change the facts they said and that they kinda apologized. So if you don't like this project, leave it and the dev alone.

Thanks for your concern and I whole-heartedly agree with taking the situation seriously, but spreading hate or negativity like this here and misinformation (like the devs wanting money for it) is really uncalled for.

Stay safe and don't let your frustration and (understandable) anxiety out on people on the internet.

We'll get through this together ;)