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Just press 'Enter'. ;D

Wow thanks so much!

Cool concept and congrats on finishing your first game!

Thanks for playing! =)

Thanks so much for the kind words!

Hey, thanks so much. Awesome video! I just subscribed to your channel. Somebody else mentioned having a similar bug so I'm trying to figure it out. I'm glad you still had fun though!

Thanks you for the detailed feedback, I really appreciate it!

Cute game! I loved all the dialogue and the music. I couldn't find any cats, but I completed all the other objectives. :D

Thanks so much for playing! I'll have to look into that bug.

This is a really well-done adventure game. The inventory and UI looks looks really nice and is accessible and the puzzles felt fair. Nice work!

I love the art and animations. The wall-jumping felt a little weird to me, but overall fun game!

Thank you!

You have to unlock the dash power by collecting the right candy. ;)

Thank you for your feedback! Yes, originally I made it so that you could only move blocks while on the ground, but a couple people noticed it was easy to get stuck that way, so I changed it. Haha.

Thanks so much!

Really interesting game. Compared to the other high scores I absolutely sucked! Lol.

I think if you expanded it a little bit, this could become a really addicting mobile game. Nice job!

Cool game. The controls feel really tight and responsive. My only complaints are that the hitbox for the attack feels a little too short, and using Shift to attack activated sticky keys on my computer. Haha. But overall nice job!

Nice game! Hiring the trick and treaters is a really cool concept and those Barneys were legitimately spooky. Haha.

The controls feel pretty solid, but I think the level design could use some work. Adding some different techniques or jumping abilities might make it more fun to move around. Not bad though!

Wow, this is one of the most polished games I've ever played in a game jam. Super fun, the art is amazing, and of course I love the Katamari influence. Really great game!

Loved it. I have a soft spot for anything Halloween. The art is cute and I liked the puzzle elements. Nice job!

Thanks so much!

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Someone else noticed that issue with the blocks and I believe I fixed it now! Thanks so much for playing and for the feedback.

Hey all,

I made a tiny metroidvania for the game jam. Your goal is to collect enchanted candy and gain new powers to move around the map. Feedback is welcome and appreciated!

Pretty fun game! The sounds effects and jumping feel really satisfying. Expert mode is challenging, the game really messes with your depth perception. Nice job!

Spooky! Nicely done.

Cute, addicting, and challenging! Really nice job.

This was great! I love the art style, and the story is definitely super relatable.

Love the creepy visuals! It's also super impressive that you created your own engine for this. Nice work!

Nice game! Pretty challenging, and I really like the sound design.

Yes, you can fight back. Hold the left mouse button to shoot! :)

Thanks for playing!

Looove the art! The intentionally awkward controls remind me of something like QWOP and definitely make the game near impossible, which fits the modifier. Nice job!

Loved this game! The dialogue is hilarious and the goofy art pulls everything together. Perfectly fits the 'so bad it's good' theme!

Very cute and funny. Love the art. The screen shaking was a little distracting though. Overall, very crappy game. ;D

Cool little puzzle game! I don't know if it was just my computer, but I wasn't able to resize the screen so it was very small.

Thanks so much!

WTF did I just read?? Very funny stuff, I was hooked as soon as I saw the anime opening.

Holy crap I really want a donut now...

Nice game!

This is a cool little game. Pretty challenging, and the minimalist graphics fit the jam theme!