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Robert Brooks

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Hi everyone, I'd like to present my 2d asset website, It's like an asset store except all the assets are my own work, I've been working on it for two years and across the 400 assets packs available there must be over 3000 assets. Some of the main features of the site are

  • Quality and affordability, My site has some of the lowest priced assets on the web.
  • Single style. Most assets from the store work well with each other, allowing for continuity of artistic style in your games.
  • Extensability , assets are created in a a universal style for easy modification and include all the working files to help you achieve this.
  • usability - license allows you to use assets for multiple projects.
You can find the assets at https://www.gamedeveloperstudio.com

I'm slowly trying to move some of the assets over to the itch store too so at a future date you'll be able to find some of my work here too.

I've been too focused on creating assets and not done hardly any promotion work for the site. So now I'm really trying to promote it but I'm finding it difficult and slow going.the sites rankings are low on google despite tons of relevant content and age. If anybody has any advice they can give on how I can get my site out there and raise awareness I'd really love to hear it.


Hi I'm Robert I can't believe I haven't introduced myself here before. I'm running an asset site www.gamedeveloperstudio.com with the goal of creating free and really affordable but professional 2d assets aimed mostly at indie developers, I'll be slowly uploading a load of my assets to the itch store but it's gonna take ages. In the mean time If you want to check out my assets here's the link gamedeveloperstudio.com