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Interesting concept, you have to be strategic about how you move to win.
Sometimes I couldn't interact with clues, and on level one I still went away, but on level 3 I got caught. Also hiding the knife wasn't intuitive, I thought cupboard should be an ideal place, but it was the carpet :D

Very fun concept! Poor drum-chan

Very fun concept! Poor drum-chan

Nice idea! It keeps showing restart after the second obstacle and wall don't seem to have a collider, don't know if it's intended or not 

The visuals were intriguing, definitely needs a little more ambient light to see what's going on better. I see the concept you were going for.
I would say it has a major gamedesign problem, where the progress on trail and points increase with almost same speed. I assume, when trail progress fills - it means the carriage won. And therefore I won't be able to collect points needed for gator or bear.
Also I think you can make the people stay in one position and the fight can be rpg-like style, then it will add more strategy.
But it's a nice submission made in 48 hours! Kudos!

Thank you for playing!
Oh, those sneaky robots truly know how to hide. I have personal vendetta towards the last guy from the mission 2.

Thank you for playing and for your kind words! We love some good challenge. Interesting idea about a 2d sidescroller, gonna think about it

Thank you for playing! It's true that a better tutorial is needed, we were integrating it last minute, haha.

Thank you for playing! We will think about how to make it more user-friendly without affecting the challenge balance. Great input!

Спасибо, что поиграли! Музыка качает, туцтуцтуц

Thank you for trying out the game! True, we were adding the tutorial the last minute, haha. Added this to "To fix" list

I love it! Survived only 4 nights, but was already kinda curious about who's under the be

Good job! I think that was quiet an interesting game and it would be great if you continue working on it. I really like the illusions, got some layers of fear vibes. It definetely needs an ending and some more environmental storytelling. 
Keep it up!

It's a nice idea and I managed to go through several levels, but this game needs instructions, at least a readme file or key names in on the inventory, I had to push random buttons to find the J.
Congrats on getting to the end of the gamejam

Ура-ура, мы это сделали!

This game has a great potential to be turned into something bigger, I think, and I would love to see it in the future. First of all it's different from other horror walking sims because of controls, that add to the atmosphere of being a frightened lonely person in the alley. Second of all the silent movie aesthetic makes me think about some good classics, like Hitchcock's movies or Nosferatu, so it can actually be the "be the hero/heroine of the silent horror movie" simulation, which leaves a broad choice of plotlines and interpretations. But if the game is longer then clicking a-d all the time would be tiring.
I like the idea about plot twist during the second playthrough. It's just unfortunately maniac with a chainsaw and some generic cultists didn't really click with me, I will be honest it's a trope, that you see way too often. 
But great job done!

I quiet enjoyed it! I really hope there will be a full game some time in the future

Liked the atmosphere and the storytelling. Simple yet elegant. I like small details: how text forms a cross around the word, the translations to latin.
Sound design is also very suitable.
Also it's replayable, you make your own story.

Next collab we will make five arts a day! :P