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It's a nice idea and I managed to go through several levels, but this game needs instructions, at least a readme file or key names in on the inventory, I had to push random buttons to find the J.
Congrats on getting to the end of the gamejam

Ура-ура, мы это сделали!

This game has a great potential to be turned into something bigger, I think, and I would love to see it in the future. First of all it's different from other horror walking sims because of controls, that add to the atmosphere of being a frightened lonely person in the alley. Second of all the silent movie aesthetic makes me think about some good classics, like Hitchcock's movies or Nosferatu, so it can actually be the "be the hero/heroine of the silent horror movie" simulation, which leaves a broad choice of plotlines and interpretations. But if the game is longer then clicking a-d all the time would be tiring.
I like the idea about plot twist during the second playthrough. It's just unfortunately maniac with a chainsaw and some generic cultists didn't really click with me, I will be honest it's a trope, that you see way too often. 
But great job done!

I quiet enjoyed it! I really hope there will be a full game some time in the future

Liked the atmosphere and the storytelling. Simple yet elegant. I like small details: how text forms a cross around the word, the translations to latin.
Sound design is also very suitable.
Also it's replayable, you make your own story.

Next collab we will make five arts a day! :P