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Matt "Game Dad" Dyet

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Huh, that's bizarre! I made it in Windows 10 and it definitely plays on it. Can you give me some details on the crash and I'll see what I can do to fix it?

Thanks a lot! I'd have liked to have made the colours a little less severe (and also colourblind accessible), but for an experiment I felt it was good enough for a short game. Totally agree with you otherwise.

Thanks! I did leave the ability in to not run through with the glasses as it made for the ability to see how the whole level was constructed. For the game jam version I wasn't too worried about that.

Thanks for the feedback!

I DID do some rather dramatic tweaks to the difficulty not long before the jam was over, because up until that point I was unhappy with how simple it was (I could consistently play through to the end every time with little challenge to Rodney's happiness, for example). This is something I can totally patch though if it's too hard - it's nice and easy to adjust the difficulty of the game. But it is intended to be hard to balance everything, for sure.

Audio was something I wanted to get in, and I totally intended to! But then in the final day I discovered a large number of game-breaking bugs that prevented replay, and that felt more important to fix than adding audio. Totally can do that though - but you're right that thematically it could be hard to do.

The UI I did struggle with, and I think it probably would have been helped a bit more maybe by some better tutorial cues at the start. I'm open to suggestions though!

Do you think the controls need some work? I had put a bit of a delay in between actions that I found comfortable, but I could speed it up. Or is it a different issue? :)

Thanks a bunch!

Thanks very much! <3