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Hey blast82,

i just checked it out.. It looks like something i will play! and i will make a video on it :D

Thanks for the help

Hello Ellis,

Yes, i would be interested in playing your game!

Would be really helpful thankyou

Hello Guys! I'm a YouTuber who has just recently creating a channel and was looking at starting a series of videos playing different games mainly INDIE.

I'm looking to play any games. However, i'm a big fan of horror and these type of games will most likely be played. If there is any games you'd like me to play just leave a comment on this threat :)

If you want to check out my channel you can take a look the link is below


I haven't just yet but i will be doing reviews as well. I'd be happy to play through any of your games and give you feedback whilst also getting your games out there.

Thanks guys!

This game demo was really fun! it was colourful and enjoyable to play. I'm really looking forward for the full version to come out.

rating: 7/10