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I'm proud to say you are the current world record holder

dang, im sorry.  I don't know what the issue could be. Does any other zoom amount make it better?



Ahh that's exactly the issue. Meant to be played at 100% zoom


Thank you!

can you give any info on your browser or system settings? I'm also on 1920 x 1080 and it doesn't look like that. Hopefully it's not also affecting the gameplay for you

Are you somehow going full screen with it? It’s never like that for me

I thought about that near the end of making this prototype. Ill try it out if i decide to make this into a real game!

thats strange, did you somehow shrink the window

Thank you so much! Just finished another game. new vid is currently in the works!

Thanks! I might have to turn up the spawn rate


Sorry! I realized it too late into my 24hrs, and couldn't come up with a decent way around it in time

believe it or not... I made them all with my mouth 🤣


is there a way to use this with a TileMap

Thank you for the feedback and kind words!! 

Thank you!! Im glad you liked the visuals :D

Thanks so much! It means a lot <3

Great as always! Love the combat layer

I love the style of the pixel art and animations! very cool concept

I softlocked myself on level 1 LOL so maybe add a restart button

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also I cheesed the boss by shooting it before I left the starting area because I noticed the screen shaking and found out my bullets were hitting it lol


Sorry I forgot to say this was a very cool game, I really liked the concept of it. Visuals were great!

That sounds like a great solution!

The game looked great, felt great, and the music was amazing. The only part I didn't like was when the enemies were hiding behind buildings and I couldn't see where they went. This was super impressive, excited to see what else you have planned for the game!

Thank you!! The music was by Rusted Music Studio on, check them out if you'd like!

Thank you for the feedback! Having more (and smarter) enemies was definitely planned but didn't work out. I was also wanting to add a cosmetic shop, but didn't consider upgrades. I'll definitely add a replay button in my next update!

Thank you <3

I liked this a lot. Super great design and nice concept! The last level was just difficult enough in my opinion. Just tedious enough where I really had to keep track of minions, villagers, and dogs, but not too difficult where it would get annoying.

I think it would be cool if you could use the curse to confuse the guards or something similar. In return you'd have a longer cooldown on the curse.

Well done on this game!

Im jealous of how good of a concept this is! Level 14 was definitely my favorite, felt easy enough and i got to zoom fast af

I was doing good until about 6:20 and lost 4 gnomes ;-; lost at around 8 mins. nice game!

Thank you so much! 

I am stoked to play this later! Looks like it would be fun

Thanks so much for playing and having your son try it out too! It means a lot! I was really trying to get the 80s arcade machine feel with the effects!

I got it uploaded finally!

Last one gives huuuge Odesza vibes. Im using it for a game jam, hope that i get the game in a somewhat decent state soon. Great stuff, thanks for making it free to use!!! I'll try to commission a custom song if the game turns out good :D

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these are nice, are they free for personal use? commercial use? whats the license

edit: nvm, i see it in the zip

I will definitely keep this in mind for my future project. You make some amazing music!

Daaaaaaamn this is clean!

these are stunning